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TS all the way???


I started the exante diet 5 weeks and 2 days ago and have so far lost 32 pounds. I have 75 pounds to loose and was thinking of sticking to TS til the end and do the refeed and maintainence properly then. Has anyone else decided to stick to TS all the way? I know its not recommended after 14 weeks, but Im afraid to break as I have a bad relationship with food and dont feel I have it under control yet. I will break on xmas day for a light dinner and thats it(hopefully). Any thoughts greatfully appreciated.


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I'll be doing TS up until I reach my goal weight.
Some people decide to do aam weeks and some people dont, it's really up to you if you want to or not.
If you want to stay TS the whole time then go for it.
Well done on your loss so far x


I can haz cake?
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AAM weeks are advised to help prevent your hair falling out due to the calorie deficiency. Some people prefer to have meals on ocassion, rather than have 1 week of lots of meals.

And AAM in any form boosts your metabolism a bit and can help improve weight losses. Eating the same thing long term (in any diet) can cause stagnant weight losses so it is worth thinking about.
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Hi Sue
Good luck whatever you choose! I just wonder how you think you'll get on though if you don't eat anything at all til christmas day and then have a little treat... I think personally if that was my first meal after weeks and weeks I'd probably end up going a bit nuts and finding it hard to get back on track! If it was me I'd probably have a couple of 'practice' meals in the weeks before christmas, just lean protein and green veg, so the christmas meal doesn't seem to significant/ overwhelming. Thats just me though and I know other people deal with food differently!
I was pretty scared the first time I did an AAM week, I handled it by making myself a very specific meal plan, only buying the food that I needed for that (not even any extra courgettes - I knew exactly how many I'd need!) and making sure the meals weren't too exciting incase I got carried away with it! I did the 7 days of AAM and then went back onto TS no problem - I told myself very clearly that AAM week was over and that there would be no picking or sliding backwards, and treated it as if I was starting again on day 1 (making sure my fluids were up, having a coke zero as a treat). I was really pleased to do it and it felt like a real achievement. Although since then I've had a few slips on the whole I feel like I'm on the way to at least understanding my relationship with food and some of my triggers/ weaknesses, even if I'm not done with overcoming them yet!
So, after this long and rambley message I guess what I'm saying is that for me AAM week is a safe, structured space to start experimenting with food again and facing up to it, with the knowledge that even if it doesn't go quite to plan I'll be back on TS before I do any damage. I think this will work better for me than getting to goal and suddenly having food again after a long break.
Well done btw on such a great loss so far, you must feel fab :D

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