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T's food diary

I have been an avid fan of Minimins since January and really enjoy the support i get from logging on everyday. But recently i not been so good so i thought maybe a food diary would help me get back on track and also ensure i am keeping track of my syns and healthy a and b's.
So here goes please let me know if i doing anything wrong or any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Day One, Extra Easy

Breakfast: 2 slices of bacon fat removed
1 fried egg (1syn), Slice of Wholemeal
Toast (HeB), Mullerlight
Mid Morning: Mango, Pineapple, Grapes, Melon, Kiwi - Fruit Salad, Sweet and Sour Mugshot
Lunch - Chicken and Mushroom Pasta n sauce made with water, Mullerlight
Mid Afternoon - Mango, Pineapple, grapes, Melon, Kiwi - Fruit Salad
Tea - Luxury Fish Pie from SW Magazine
with Green Beans and Garden Peas
Evening Treats - Asda Curlies (3 1/2 syns), Wotsits (5), Mini Aero (3), Apple

3 cups of tea with milk (HeA)

Syns for the day = 12 1/2 syns

I feel i have eaten a lot today but i have stuck within syns and can say i am going to bed a happy and full Slimming World T.
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Looks good Hun..how are you finding EE?


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I started doing EE is January and have probably been off plan for the last month or so but although losses seem less than with red its easier to fit in with my lifestyle so i love it.
Have now done a big shop and am defianely going to stick to plan and get back on plan.


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Monday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 28g Special K Sustain, Banana and Milk Allowance
Lunch - Roast Beef, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Peas, Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, Gravy = 7 syns
Snacks - Mullerlight Yoghurt, Melon and Grapes
Dinner - Beef Mole, Mullerlight Yoghurt
Snacks - Apple, 2 small toast and dairylea light = 5 1/2 syns
Hobnob = 3 1/2 syns

Total today 16 syns, really great day really pleased with myself, it is helping that the rest of the family are now trying SW too. I have made for lunch tomorrow, prawn, grapefruit and rocket salad really looking forward to it. My SW thought of the day is as follows:

Experimenting with cooking, trying exciting new food combinations and still loosing weight how lucky we all are to have found such a great new way of eating.


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It was a recipe in this months magazine, i will post it in the recipe's section as it is really worth a try if you enjoy spicy food.


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Tuesday - Extra Easy

Well today i have had another brilliant day, however dont feel like i had enough SS foods so will top it up with some fruit this evening.

Breakfast - 57g wholemeal toast with dairylea light = 1 1/2 syns

Lunch - Prawn, Grapefruit and Rocket Salad - King Prawns, Pink Grapefruit, Mixed Salad Leaves, Rocket, Garlic, Fat Free Dressing, Mustard Powder, sweetener, red onion, cherry tomatoes

Snacks - 2 Bourbon Biscuits = 7 syns

Tea - 3 slices of bacon, 1 double yolk dry fried egg, mushrooms, 2 syn free sausages, fried potato slices, baked beans, tinned tomatoes, slice of brown small loaf = 2 syns

Snacks - small packet of quavers = 5 1/2 syns.

All snacks this evening will be fruit, english strawberries (yum yum) satsumas and apples

Total for the day 16 syns, i intend tomorrow to only have 13 syns to make up for the last couple of days of 16 syns.

Lunch already prepared for tomorrow i am having stirfry beef with mixed peppers and boiled rice.


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Wednesday - Extra Easy
Today been alright and i resisted the amazing looking 18th birthday cake one of the advisors brought in for us all to share. I dont know how i did it, but someone did say it was too sweet (how a cake can be too sweet i dont know!!!)

Breakfast - 3 pogens krisprolls with 28g low fat cheddar and cherry tomatoes = 4 syns

Mid Morning Snack = Banana

Lunch = Stirfry beef, with mixed peppers and boiled rice followed by sugarfree jelly made with mullerlight = 1 syn

Mid Afternoon Snack = Malted Milk Biscuit = 2 syns

Tea = Pork Steak on a bed of spinach and crushed new potatoes with vine ripe tomato and red onion slices sprinkled with low fat cheese=2 syns.

Evening Snacks = Mango and Strawberries also the rest of the jelly mixed with mullerlight.

I tried Orange Sugarfree Jelly with Mandarin Mullerlight today which was really yum but for tommorow i have Lime SF Jelly with Vanilla Mullerlight with chocolate flakes.

If you not tried this yet give it a go makes a huge bowl and a really nice sweet treat as half is only 1 syn.

10 syns today
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Thursday - Extra Easy

Not a great day as i had training in the city and was tempted by the mint viscount and jam sandwich biscuit.

Breakfast - 3 pogens crisprolls and 1 x laughing cow with onion low fat cheese = 1 1/2 syns

Lunch - Pasta with arraibata sauce and chicken, garlic bread = 10 syns

Afternoon snack - mint viscount = 5 1/2 syns, Jam Sandwich Biscuit - 3 1/2 syns

Tea - 200g Rustic Chips - 2 syns, Worcester Sauce and Homemade Burgers.

Evening Snacks - Mango, Strawberries, Blackberries, Satsuma, Peach

Total for day 22 1/2, can you believe improving your management skills makes you fat??
I still have 3 more sessions to go over the next 3 weeks, i will have to be extra good all week to make up for it.
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I have looked at my diary for whole week since Saturday and have realised as long as i can have bare minimum syns tomorrow not gone over the 105 syns for the whole week so maybe today wasnt so bad after all!!! Yah I really pleased as i feel this week i have really tried to stick to plan... Lets see what Saturday's weigh in brings...


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Friday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Soft Boiled Egg with a slice of brown bread toasted soilders
Mid Morning - Blackberries
Lunch - Tuna Sandwich, Quavers = 5 1/2 syns
Tea - Butchers Syn Free Sausages in Arriabata Sauce with Pasta Shells.

going to have fruit this evening to fill up on ss foods.
Weigh in tomorrow i will be pleased with a 1lb + so fingers crossed.

Syns today 5 1/2


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2lb off this week i really pleased obviously keeping a food diary is helping me to realise what is going in and keep me from going over on syns. I really pleased lets see if we can repeat that this week.


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Saturday - Flexible Day

Saturday is the one day of the week i drink lots of alcohol so each week i have this as a flexible day, it has not as yet effected my losses so i will continue to do this until it does so here is my diary, definately a great night out but not a great SW day.

Breakfast - Sausage Patties made out of Free Butchers Sausages

Dinner - 4 Ryvita with Dairylea Light

Tea - Spaghetti with Bolgnese Sauce

Night Out - 3 1/2 Cider = 15, 5 Vodka's Diet Coke = 12 1\2, 1/2 can red bull = 6, Glass of Wine = 6, 3 slices of Meat Feast Pizza = 36

Total Syns = 78

This is a lifestyle so there will be days like this. As long as i get back on plan it should be fine.


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Sunday - Extra Easy

A great day and tried Velvet Crunch Crisps for the first time, how yummy are they and only 4 syns a bag my definate new favourite synnage.

Breakfast - 28g Weetaflakes with blackberries, Large Orange

Dinner - Roast Lamb, Boiled Potatoes, Sugarsnap Peas, Broccoli, Onion Gravy (synfree) Carrots

Snacks - Velvet Crunch = 4 syns, Yorkshire Pudding = 3 syns

Evening Snacks - Pear, Small Packet Cadburys Buttons = 4

That 12 syns total for the day - had a really great day.
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Monday - they come around so quick - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 57g Wholemeal Bread, 2 teaspoons sugarfree raspberry jam = 1 syn

Mid Morning - Apple

Lunch - Homemade Spicy Tomato, Bacon and Lentil Soup, Mullerlight, Bag of Quavers = 5 syns, 2 finger kit kat = 5 1/2

Tea - Chicken, Onion, Synfree Gravy, Cauliflower, Spring Greens, Carrots, Peas, Boiled Potatoes.

Snacks - Slice of Ham and Mullerlight. Orange and Pear

Total Syns = 11 1/2 syns
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Tuesday * - extra easy

Breakfast - 57g wholemeal toast with 2 teaspoons of sugarfree raspberry jam = 1 syn

Mid Morning - Chicken Mugshot

Lunch - Chicken Savoury Rice with leftover chicken and chopped ham. An apple, banana and strawberry mullerlight.

Snacks - Double Decker = 14 syns, 2 Malted Milk Biscuits =2 syns

Tea - Pork Steak in Honey and Mustard sauce with 200g rustic chips = 2 syns and roasted carrots and garden peas.

Evening Snacks - Apple, 28g of Special K = 4 syns

Total Syns 22 syns not a great day in the end, you can see my star week has arrived and it always leaves me craving things, hopefully get back on track Weds.
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Wednesday - Extra Easy*
Well this morning i signed up to the 30 day challenge so day 1 has gone like this, on track so far.

Breakfast - 2 Alpen Light Bars

Mid Morning Snack - Banana, Sweet N Sour Mugshot

Lunch - Sainsbury's Ravoli, Strawberry Mullerlight, 3 pogens crisprolls with dairylea light triangle = 6 syns

Tea - 2 slices bacon, Butchers Syn Free Sausage, Fried Tinned Potatoes, Large Mushroom, 1/2 Large Tomato, Baked Beans, Small slice of wholemeal bread = 2 syns, Fried Egg = 1 syn.

Evening Snacks - Whole Mango, Cadburys Buttons mini pack = 4 syns

Syns today 13, had a great day and 100% to plan, bring on tomorrow.
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Thursday - Extra Easy* Terrible training day returns

Well can you believe it way day into the 30 day 100% challenge and i had to do a flexible because there was no slimming food available???

I was not going to post how bad day went but if i dont i will get off track completely so heres how bad i was.

Breakfast - 2 Alpen Lights and Grapes.

Lunch - Heres when it all went wrong???? Crusty Baguette with Cheese and yucky processed ham, that i removed and did not eat.
2 Bags of Walkers Crisps, Zero Lilt.

Tea - Ham sandwich, Bacon Sandwich (was on small brown bread)

Evening Snacks - By this time thought i had blown day so continued Packet of Wotsits, Packet of Frazzles, Packet of Walkers.

After writing down my complete day i am amazed i ate 5 packets of crisps oh well moving on, today back in the office and will be extra good to start making in a dent in the terrible day i had yesterday.

Syns today - Tons???!!!!


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Friday - Red Day *

Well today i think i have made a good effort to get back on track, and reverted to red to hopefully make up a little for yesterday.

Breakfast - Alpen Light, Banana

Lunch - Brown Roll filled with Tuna, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Peppers, Orange, Alpen Light

Tea - Fresh Cromer Crab, Lettuce Leaves, Cucumber, Tomato, Pepper, Onion, Celery, Radishes.

Snacks - Glass of Red Wine = 6 syns, Packet of Wotsits = 5 1/2 syns, Rest of the Cromer Crab, Mullerlight, Mini Milk = 1 1/2 syns

Total Syns = 13 syns, really great day for Friday lets hope tomorrows weigh in not too terrible.
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