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Total Solution tubbynomore WILL get in the 11's...

:wavey: This is the start of my journey with Exante. I have never been one to keep a diary but I hope that writing down my feelings and thoughts daily will give me some inspiration.
I'm Alison and in 2 weeks I will be 45. I am a sister with a community acute response team which means I still work shifts, days and nights. My husband is very supportive of me doing what I feel is necessary and right for me to lose this weight. For as long as I remember I have struggled to find clothes that I like to wear! I never thought of myself as 'fat' just bigger than I wanted to be. I didn't own a set of scales so I didn't know what I weighed.
In 2008 I saw myself in a photo at a friend's wedding and I didn't like what I saw :cry:I decided to take drastic action. After years of WW or SW with half-hearted success I went for the Cambridge Diet and boy did I do well!!! On my first weigh-in I was horrified at 16st 7lbs being 5' 2" put my BMI over 40 so I had to have a GP to agree to monitor me monthly. After 4 months I was 12st 12lbs but developed gall stones which made me very ill indeed. The pain was unbearable and I ended up having my gall bladder out and I didn't go back to CD.
I did well for about 18 months and maintained (by this time I have bought scales lol) then I got complacent and by today I am 15 stone.
I have been here on MiniMins since July and gave celebrity slim a go, it didn't work for me because I wasn't disciplined enough to limit my evening meal, it was a license to eat! So I did...
I need to have all temptations removed from my grasp and replaced with well balanced shakes, soups and bars so I researched all VLCD and because of the obvious success and cost Exante is for me :) .

My bumper pack is ordered and I hope it will be with me today. I am not going to put it off any longer and I will start first thing. I have already cut right back on the carbs and upped my water to try and prevent headaches etc so here goes...
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Hi Nursetubs!!

Just wanted to say good luck!! I'm the same height as you and I know how difficult it is for us little-ees to carry the extra weight..

I started on Monday, once you get through the first two days or so you will sail it :D

Headaches on day one for me were the annoying part, and cravings so make sure you have plenty to keep you occupied, which I am sure you will in your job ;)

I'm due to start my set of nights tomorrow evening which is my next challenge! The first will be the worst as I will have eaten my days allowance before I get there, so nothing for me for the night....although I may treat myself to a Bullion or two :p

Once again, good luck sweet, you can do it!!!

J x
Hi Nursetubs!!

I'm due to start my set of nights tomorrow evening which is my next challenge! The first will be the worst as I will have eaten my days allowance before I get there, so nothing for me for the night....although I may treat myself to a Bullion or two :p

J x
Thanks for your comments, I am on nights for 5 nights from Saturday. I plan to have my 3 Sat products during the day and about 4 - 5 am Sunday when hunger kicks in again I will be having my Sunday breakfast product.
I'll have 1 when I get up Sunday, 1 about midnight and 1 about 4 - 5 am again. So I don't have less than 3 products in 24hrs.
Hope this makes sense.

Ali xx
Wayhayyyy my box has arrived, I am soooo excited :party0011: :party0048:
Sorted my box out! I have bagged all my products into days of the week into ziploc bags. A shake, soup and bar in each bag and labelled so I have no excuse to get confused when I'm on nights :D When I did CD before I would sometimes have a few left over at the end of the week when I worked nights, it's difficult to know when to eat and when you've had more than you should!! (Well it is for me and working nights makes it harder cos you're more tired, that's my excuse anyway)
Raring to go now D-day tomorrow.
Just popping in to say hello and good luck :) Sounds like you're well organised and from the sound of things, you've got exactly the right attitude to succeed!
Have a good first day! :)


This is my year
Hello Nursetubs!

Welcome to Exante and good luck :)

I am a nurse too, though thankfully no longer work shifts :D

This works, it really does!

The first few days are the toughest, then it becomes just routine.

Just wish I'd discovered this site and Exante earlier - maybe I would have had less to lose:sigh:
Day 1

Weigh in this morning - 15 stone. :scale: The scales were kind to me! A nice round number will make it easier to calculate my losses :p
Chocolate shake for breakfast and compared to CD and CS different again, for the better :) no horrible after taste and a thick, creamy texture. I will probably be adding more water to the mix though, today I had 250ml don't think I could cope with it that thick first thing in the morning :spit:
Going to be out all day today, got my water and bar ready for lunch.
Today has gone well! I had half a bar around lunch time and I have the other half to look forward to while DH munches on a lemon cheesecake later :)
Making supper tonight was a challenge, all those lovely smells but I had a mug of black coffee whilst cooking and a litre of water so that filled me up until my soup. I was pleasantly surprised by the soup :D Having done CD before, this veg soup was amazing!!! I didn't have to use black pepper to disguise the artificial taste because there was none. There was even proper peas and carrots in it :eek:
I don't know what's in store for me tomorrow because I have bagged my daily supplies and it's like a lucky dip. Makes it even more exciting :rolleyes: I had a slight headache but I drank some more water and it improved.
I'm going to put my feet up now with my half bar and have a read through the Exante booklet, see what new things I can learn.
Hope tomorrow will be as good.

Ali xx
Thanks Sheena, my mouth and lips are constantly dry even though I have drank over 2 litres today. I can't find a chemist or supermarket that sells mouth freshening strips. I have cleaned my teeth several times they are sparkling :D
Any tips?

Ali xx
LOL can't help on the breath front...I'm not exactly fragrant myself right now, plus I smoke so am doubly grotty, am relying on serious teeth brushing and mouthwash. I use the gale hayman lip balm which has helped with the dry lips...not perfectly but am improvement from a few days ago but takes constant re-application. Hey ho the price we pay for a kickass figure....
Well done Nt.........I know what you mean with the dry mouth etc, my lips are the worst at the moment :0(.......hunger isn't too bad now on day 5, and cravings nowhere near as bad as days 3 and 4!!

Keep going!!! Also going to have veg soup tonight, been putting it off but after your comment I'm gonna go for it :0) xx
Also going to have veg soup tonight, been putting it off but after your comment I'm gonna go for it :0) xx
What did you think of it?
I know they say you shouldn't chew gum, but I do. I always have done. And to be honest, I really struggled with this in the begining, than anything else. I think I caved in, and started chewing sugar free gum again after a few days :)
For dry lips, I have always used the wee tubs of vaseline :D, even before Exante.... tis very versatile ya know ;)

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