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Tummy feels so empty!

I have done pretty good so far, haven't been hungry, and coping ok, even though I am only on my 11th day..but god, started to notice how empty my poor belly is feeling???...its not in my head... it just keeps rumbling...driving me mad..anyone else getting this feeling?:)
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Is Irrepressible!! : )
I've been on it 12 weeks and still get that!

To combat such things I swig water (although this can sometimes make it worse) but the best thing to do is have a hot drink.... honest xxx


is loving the soup?!
oh hon! I'm sorry. Drink loads of water and I bet it's gone by tomorrow. Though you may have to wee in the night! ((hugs))). x
My tummy only rumbles if I havent had water recently...so fill that glass up!
I guess i am struggling with the water today....i'm trying...really i am..;)

I understand, it can be difficult hun. Just try your best and think the more you drink, the more you shrink!
I get the empty tummy feeling but I LOVE that feeling lol
It feels much better than the bloated-always-eating-something feeling I used to constantly have! Water can either help or worsen the rumbling as Medea said -but sometimes, strangely, sparkling water can ease it.

It will pass and you'll soon feel amazing. :D
I've just found a really nice Green Tea with mint... Jacksons of Piccadilly brand - got it from Sainsbury's this morning.. I'm an avid coffee drinker but thought that the green tea with it's antioxidants or whatever would kill two birds with one stone... drink and benefits at the same time

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