Using Discover in secret...


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you won't get in trouble but the meetings won't be as helpful for you because the leader will discuss themes about the new diet so you might feel out of place. propoints is not difficult to get used to and it's very handy. Try it!


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i still do discover, only go to meetings to be weighed, as the class wouldnt benefit me, but to be honest before pro points came out i still didnt stay for class, i just wanted to be weighed an go after having a long day in work


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So i guess i just dont tell her what plan im using? Or would it be best to be honest? As staying behind isnt always easy with my wee girl. Id be willing to change to PP after a while but need to get settled in again 1st.


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There are a few people in my class who are doing old points. The leader doesn't mind because they are not far from goal. I started doing pro points but the weight loss is slower so I am going back to old points and still going to class and see how I do.

Its a personal choice so totally up to you - but I would say don't bad mouth propoints or old points in the class. There is a woman in mine who always slags off propoints and I find it really rude and her negativity affects other people.

Just stick to what works for you. Don't forget your paying for it and ww is there to support you


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Absolutely agree with Star, stick to what suits you but let the rest enjoy whatever system suits them. My class is about half & half, so although there is some discussion on propoints, general exercise and weight loss topics are basically the same principles and we get as much support from one another as from the leader. You might find quite a few others are still on Discover if you ask around your group, although about half our group are on Discover, only 2 of us have actually said so out loud in the meeting.