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Very indulgent weekend, success express now!!


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Title says it all, after a very indulgent weekend I had a sneaky look at the scales this morning (I don't usually do this) and they showed a 3lb gain!
I don't even do that on holiday in a week...

So, started today with 3 days of success express in the hope that it may make a little bit of a difference, 2lb on wouldn't be as bad as 3.......It was tough making bacon butties for our guests today whilst I ate fruit and yoghurt!

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Aww dont worry we cant be good all the time, at least your back on track now thats the main thing!!
Maybe take a nice long walk that always helps me, this is a free lovely snack i had stawberrys with low fat fromage frais n sweetner was lovely such a lush summer food :eek:) good luck and stay positive you back on the waggon with all of us!!
Good luck on re losing! i'm sure you'll be fine. I'm new to this, just about to start on my second week...
Can i just ask though, what is success express?


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Success express is for when you need a boost to your weight loss, you have 3 meals a day of which 1/3 is free food (red or green) and 2/3rd is superfree foods. You have 2A's and 2 B's but only snack inbetween meals on superfree foods.

It's tough, but hopefully will be a bit of damage limitation!
I'm in same boat as you hun! Bank holiday weekend I went away with the girls, then i worked away for 3 days and couldnt cook so had to eat out at night, then big night out friday night, then massive hangover Sat lol! I also did the sneaky weighing and have put on 2.5lbs. My WI is tomorrow, so I am eating no syns for next 2 days. Sadly there is very little salad/fruit in house (shopping day tomorrow) so I'm just eating free food, 2 x HEA and 1 xHEB for today and tomorrow.

Good luck!!

3lbs won't be your real result...you should know that! ;) That sneaky weigh won't be registering actual fat gained from the weekend. It will be water/bloating/indulgent stuff in your system.

Success express is the right way to go to mitigate the damage though, I think you're still doing the right thing :)


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You'll lose that 3lb with success express no probs :D I wouldn't worry, we all have indulgent times, as long as you get back to it no permanent damage will be done ;)
I'm new to sw, long story re me joining, but i've just done a week, well, tomorrow. Think i've lost 2lbs, but there's been a few things in the week i've done wrong or counted wrong. I really need a good weight loss to start me off and keep me motivated. Could i lose more by doing success express? should i try that to begin with do you think?
Thanks xx
Hiya cw,

I think 2 lbs is a great way to start off - I'm a huge believer in 'slow and steady wins the race'! It's certainly better than I did (put on 0.5 lbs after my first week).

Personally, take your time to get your head around the plan - you're not the only one to get things wrong at the beginning - and once that's all sorted, you might find your losses each week get a little bigger as you start to understand what your body responds best to.

Save Success Express for when times get really tough, you're just not losing and you need a kick up the bottom - no need to make life harder for yourself yet.

Good luck at WI tomorrow!


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After a bad weekend last weekend, I, too, had gained when I weighed myself on the Mon morning. This week, I've lost 3.5lbs. Now I KNOW I haven't lost that much (the most I've lost has been 2lbs), it was all the water (ahem - beer, wine, brandy) that was in my stomach last week.

Bet you're suprised at your WI


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3lbs won't be your real result...you should know that! ;) That sneaky weigh won't be registering actual fat gained from the weekend. It will be water/bloating/indulgent stuff in your system.
Very true, but by goodness, it gives you a kick up the bum seeing it on the scales! :)

Thanks Hellie and thanks to everyone else for your support! xxx
Yep...it does make you panic doesn't it!! I have to admit to doing that myself, seeing the numbers and then living off celery and grapefruit on Mon, Tues and Weds!!

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