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  1. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Well, I'm at the end of day 4 on Attack Phase, have lost a total of 2.2kgs.
    I weigh myself in the morning after going toilet, so will have to wait until tomorrow am for todays weightloss.
    Today I ate:
    B: 3 egg white and 1 egg yolk omlette with herby, spicy chicken from last night
    L: remainder of herby, spicy chicken
    D: 2 Tuna steaks
    S: Yogurt and oatbran porridge
    W: I'm not really measuring but I guess at least 2 ltrs

    I didn't do any exercise today
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  3. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Weigh in this morning - 0.1 kg lost.... not doing any exercise yesterday explains that!
    Im disappointed that I only had 0.1 kg loss but I knew it was coming.
    I couldnt do my usual exercise of swimming as mother nature has come, plus wednesday night I only got 4 hrs sleep and was knackered all day thurs.

    Have no clue what I will eat today, probably:
    B: oatbran porridge
    S: SF Jelly, yogurt
    L: chicken curry
    S; SF Jelly, yogurt
    D: some type of meat, dont know yet
    E: 30 mins walking/jogging combination
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  4. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Oh fiddlesticks, I've just read on another post that SF Jelly is only allowed from 'cruise' onwards..... I'm on attack still and I had two today and 1 or 2 y'day, maybe thats why I only lost 0.1kg in my weigh in this morning and it'll probably be the same tomorrow morning.... damn and blast :mad:
  5. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Not sure if I'm in ketosis or not. I haven't got the smelly breath (I think anyway :D) like I remember when doing Atkins, nor do I have the metallic taste in mouth?!

    I do not have constipation, just the opposite, for the last 2 days :confused:

    I do, however, have loads of energy.... I cannot get to sleep at a reasonable hour at night and I always, without fail, wake at 6am.
    For the past 4 nights I have had only about 22 hours sleep, whereas, if I was eating carbs I would need at least 9 hours sleep a night to feel refreshed the next day.

    Did anyone else experience attack this way?
  6. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Silver Member

    SF jelly is allowed in ALL stages but only 3 portions a day during Attack
  7. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    OK, I no weight loss today I STS :cry:

    What am I doing wrong?

    This is exactly what I ate y'day:

    B: oatbran porridge
    S: SF Jelly, yogurt
    L: chicken curry - this was made by my helper, it was really salty (maybe water retention now?)
    S; SF Jelly, yogurt
    D: lean slice of pork chop, all visible fat removed - again, made by my helper, but did not taste salty

    E: 30 mins walking/jogging combination
    W: probably 1.5 ltrs water and about 10 coffees, 2 teas

    Please, can anyone pinpoint where I went wrong?
    Much appreciated.
  8. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Silver Member

    Pork ISNT allowed until Conso

    What was the chicken curry made from? The base for a decent curry during Attack can only be made from very basic ingredients, ie; yogurt, spices, water..

    What kind of yogurt are u eating? Very limited types of yogurt r suitable for Dukan. Maybe you're not eating enough "pure" proteins!
  9. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Good advice from Zoe there Viv, and youll have to coach your helper in how not to use as much salt, drink loade to help flush it out, drop the pork as its very fatty even though it doesnt look like it and post the yoghurt information so we can see what your eating. Hng in there as you could sts then have a good weight loss good luck viv
  10. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Hi Ladies,

    OK, so..... I don't want to say it, but I have to.... I cheated on my diet just 10 mins ago :cry:, what am I going to do?
    Should I just carry on as normal or do a restart of attack phase?

    I just went out this morning and bought the diet book and the '100 eat as much as you want foods' book which I can see is totally useless.....

    Really what should I do?
  11. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Also the yogurt I have been eating is a homemade yogurt....
    I use Fat Free High Calcium UHT milk and a store bought lite n' healthy plain yogurt (this is the best one I can get here, all others are full fat)

    per 100ml of Milk:
    Protein: 3.9g
    Fats Total: 0.4g
    Saturated: 0.2g
    Sugars: 4.9g
    Sodium: 45mg

    per 100g Yogurt:
    Protein: 4.9g
    Fats Total: 0.8g
    Saturated: 0.5g
    Sugars: 11.4g
    Sodium: 66mg

    I use about 2 tablespoons of the yogurt as a starter for 1 litre of milk

    The chicken curry was made using water and spices, but too much salt was added.
  12. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member


    Carry on regardless, love and don't look back.

    Have a great day :D

    P x
  13. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Thanks Pauline.... I just need a big kick up the backside

    Just back in from 25mins walk/jogg combination
  14. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Ok, so weigh in for y'day's weight loss 89.3 - 0.2kg loss even when I cheated????? I'l probably see the cheat in a few days time on the scales, even when I've been good!
  15. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Weight this morning is 89.4kg.
    Total weightloss for Attack Phase 2.4kg

    Happy enough with that weightloss although it should have been 2.7kg.

    Hips: loss of 2cm
    Waist: loss of 5cm
    Under B: loss of 2cm
    Boobs: +1cm? (weird)

    Today I start Cruise Phase.... I am excited to eat some salad :)
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  16. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Well done Viv! :D

    P x
  17. Munchkin71

    Munchkin71 Full Member

    Excellent loss! Enjoy the veg x
  18. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Well done. Xxx
  19. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Cruise Day 1 PV, I ate:
    B: Oatbran porridge
    L: 1 Slice Ham, 1 slice Chicken, 2 small Tomatoes
    D: Beef Steak, mixed salad with Dukan vinegarette
    S: Jar HM FF Yogurt, hard boiled egg, SF Jelly
    W: 8 glasses water, 8 mugs of coffee
    E: 1 hr at gym - 20mins walking, fast, uphill and the rest of time spent doing free weights and using weight machines

    I think I did resaonably well on Cruise Day 1, I don't think I overdid it with the salad, pnly the scales can tell me at the end of the week!

    Enjoy your day everybody :)
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  20. monty1978

    monty1978 Full Member

    Cruise Day 2 PP finished:
    B: Galette, 1 slice ham HM FF soft cheese with chives
    L: Italian Meatballs (garlic, onion, tomato paste)
    D: Mackerel grilled
    S: Galette
    W: at least 2ltrs which includes Tea & coffee
    E: 25mins walking up & down hill in about 31 degrees C (talk about sweating!)

    I haven't gone toiley since Sat :( and ive resorted in taking a tbsp of Physllium last night, I know its probably not allowed but I need to go!

    On another note - I weighted myself this morning and down another 0.4kg - I don't think I've been below 90kgs in maybe a 1/2 a year or so
  21. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Hang in there Monty... Can you get hold of rhubarb easily out there, or another form of laxative pill for next time perhaps? (Otherwise cold water first thing can help!)

    I think you could (should?) be eating more protein. One slice of ham and one slice of chicken isn't a great deal. Cook your meats yourself, where possible, as packaged stuffs have a lot of water and salt in them and aren't nearly as filling.

    Home made fat free cheese with chives? Care to share?

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