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Water Consumption! Please Read!!!


I asked my CDC to send the following question to Cambridge on my behalf. Underneath is their reply.

Question:- "I am aware CD recommend a minimum of 4 pints of water per day. I see on various forums many CDCs advocating 4 - 6 litres or more per day. Do Cambridge endorse this? As CDCs are actively suggesting this quantity, saying "The more you drink the more you shrink" is there any scientific proof that this is beneficial?"

"As far as the water is concerned, we have no connection with that
phrase, as I am sure you are aware, the forum chat is not endorsed by
the company.
We recommend a minimum of two and a half litres daily, when using any
programme, particularly sole source.
However, once established on the diet, it is perfectly acceptable to
consume three to four litres daily.
Some people, particularly those who were drinking large amounts before
dieting, can drink more than that without any problems.
Everyone's requirement is different.
The thing to remember is to drink the water regularly throughout the
It is not a good idea to go for long periods of the day without
drinking, and then consume large amounts"
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I would appreciate if everyone who is concerned about how much water they should drink, please read this from Cambridge Diet Head Office!

The above email from Cambridge Diet Head Office containing their recommendations is what we go by here on MiniMins.

Thank You.

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks for posting this - helpful guidance indeed, especially about bearing in mind what you used to drink BEFORE doing CD. That affects the amount you can increase your intake by, and at what pace.




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thanks you. its true, is not wise to go a long period without water.

i think our body will tell, if we r drinking less or more water.

before i started CD i used to drink (sip)around 4 to 12litres and over a day, now nothing change apart from the diet.

500 ml for mint teas no sugar/ sweetner added x4 (x 10 in winter).
2l of mixer drink no sugar x 4 (x1 in winter)
than my pure water 2l (sip it about an hour)each morning, summer or winter.
from where i come where we r teach to drink (sip)a massive amount of water each day since an early age. so by now i think my body is very able to handle a massive amount of drinks.

i been told it will make me sick but the only problem i had all this years is that i need the loo every 5 mins.

Everyone is different what i learn is never to eat and repeatively drink at the same time. either eat finish than drink or drink wait about 2hours than eat.


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Thank you for the info. I thought i was doing well with 3 pints! Will def up my water as i start diet tomorrow but i can see me never being out the loo!


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i'm quite enjoying drinking the water ... not only has it decreased my dehydration ... but i have a new friend ... the toilet!


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Is there a upper limit of water we should also be aware of? xx


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I really struggled last week when I started CD to drink water, but this morning I have woken up and the first thing I wanted was a glass of water so I think hopefully I might be getting used to it! I can't wait to try the drink mixers though! Does anyone know if taking the mixers particularly slows down weight loss?


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Is there a upper limit of water we should also be aware of? xx
No, not really. Drink the recommended amount, and if you are still thirsty, drink more. Drink throughout the day rather than loads in one go and you're body will tell you when it's had enough.


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Hi All

All your photos are very inspirational!

When can you get the flavours on the diet? my counsellor hasn't mentioned them.

Going to go and mow the lawn, hope that counts as excercise


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Hi , can anyone tell me when I can get flavouring for the water as it is making me feel really sick. this is only my 3rd day.
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it's 2nd or 3rd week depending on cdc, i felt the same but since getting my flavouring haven't used it as have got used to the water now :)


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really helpful post

Thanks for the post.I can easily manage 4 pints a day but felt guilty at not being able to drink more water than that! Guilt free now!


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i went to see CDC today but she didnt tell me in totla how much SS will cost a week. could someone enlighten me as i want to make sure i take enough money next week.


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@paris I started last Thursday mine is costing £53.20 a week as I am on SS+ so need 4 sachets a day 3 sachets a day is £40 they cost £1.90 each at mine hope that helps