Water & soup question

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  1. goldengirl

    goldengirl Full Member

    I know it probaubly gets asked all the time, but does it matter what ratio i drink black tea /water?

    ive got a smartcafe teapot that holds 1.5litres and i've drunk 2 full ones already (3litres), working through my third teapot full, but i've had not real water.

    will it matter?:confused:

    also any suggestions on mixing the chicken soup so its not frothy?
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  3. missyd

    missyd Gold Member

    i dont think so as long as its extra water in addition to what you put in your shakes/soup its fine x
  4. Bindi

    Bindi Silver Member

    Think you need to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water in addition to water used in your shakes and tea/coffee.
    As for the soup, think its frothy no matter what way you mix it, I use a hand whisk and put the water in the bowl first then add the soup bit by bit, found this eliminated the lumps too. HTH
  5. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    I'm sure Monsoon has posted that most of her water is in the form of black coffee and her losses are legendary! I personally prefer water but do have about 2 cups of coffee a day. I think it is personal choice. As long as you have at least 2 litres of water, preferably more, I'm not sure it matters in which form you have it.

  6. scazman

    scazman Full Member

    My understanding is that you need to drink as much H2O as is possible and that this can be in the form of tap water, mineral water (sparkling or still but not flavoured), coffee or tea (ordinary or pepperpint or similar.) Personally, given the vast amounts to be consumed, I find that it's easier to sip from a water bottle throughout the day and have the odd hot drink here and there to break the monotomy of a water diet! Horses for courses as they say...
  7. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    LT is a good excuse also to try and limit your intake of caffine, so try and just down the plain water. As for making soup less frothy, what are you using to mix it? Try to turn the speed down a little also the froth is only air therefore should just disperse? I also use to use about 1 litre of water for mine which thinned it down
  8. ???????

    hey, did u make your soup with 1 litre of water? is that the mans one though???? so different for females?
  9. serendipity1980

    serendipity1980 Full Member

    I made my soup with about 800mls water for a while, but i found it is more filling with about 500 ml and some paprika and garam masala spice. As for the froth, make it with a hand whisk and heat it in a pan on the hob maybe. far less foam, although I personally like the froth!
  10. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Julz the mixing ratio's for men are on your bag, I dont promote it its just what I did hun xxxx
  11. markodie

    markodie Full Member

    I'm with Gaz on this one - mix it with more water and it lasts longer - I don't really get any froth by the time its been warmed in a pan on the hob - found some great steak pepper that has chilli flakes in to sprinkle on it and it is just great!!!
  12. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    I never thought to make it on the hob - I bet it tastes better that way - I hated it when I first started but may give it another go.


  13. SarahC4107

    SarahC4107 Full Member

    I hated it too cuddlyfairy but tried it again this week just cos I am sick to death of shakes all the time. This time I loaded it with chilli powder and black pepper and it was slightly better! Give it a go. x
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