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  1. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    So a little about me!
    My name is laura I'm 28 and did dukan 2 years ago and lost 3 stone in about 6 months
    I loved myself and have never felt so comfortable.
    Fast forward to now and it's all back on plus some. I had a horrendous job experience and life wasn't going well. I've been in an amazing job for 2 years now, got engaged in May and get married next July!
    I'd like to loose all the weight again and then keep it off with low carb and exercise.
    I binge eat like crazy so need something strict to get me back to goal.
    Starting attack on Monday for 5 days and will weigh on Monday morning,
    It seems quite on here but I'll still ramble to myself.
    Much love
    L xxxx
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  3. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member


    I also started attack on Monday. I have around 3 stone to lose. I'm just finishing day 4 and looking forward to veg, the first days were not as bad as I thought it would be (first timer )
    How long is your attack and what did lose after last time attack ?

    It is very quiet on this forum !
  4. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    Hello I'd like to loose that much as well so hopefully we can loose it quickly! I lost 9lbs on attack last time. It is very quite it used to be so busy but I think a lot of people stopped doing it which is where I went wrong last time. I'm going to do 5 days of attack I think x
  5. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    9lbs wow ! I Would be ecstatic with that but can't see it happening unfortunately. I weighed this morning after 3 days and 4lb down. I'm going to do 7 days if I can manage it
  6. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Today was the first day I stood on the scales and not lost a thing ?
  7. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    How many days have you done, give me an example day and I'll see if I spot anything..
  8. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Let's see well today I had:

    2l water with cambridge flavour in
    Can of Pepsi max
    Breakfast was a galette with onken no fat vanilla yog
    Lunch- turkey and chicken which I cooked last night with spices on and 0% yeo valley yogurt pot
    Tea 2.5 slices chicken breast (m/s pre packed) with a smidge of mustard on side and pickle onion
    2 x homemade lattes coffee and skimmed milk
    Chewing gum sugar free


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  9. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    This was my 5th day today

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  10. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    I'm not in ketosis and have no idea why not! :(((((

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  11. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    You won't necessarily enter ketosis that quick it took me ages and even then was accurate also if your using ketosticks, bin them! There useless!
    Try upping your water and cut out anything salty.
    Also still move onto cruise as you might find the veg helps!
  12. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    So I've done my shop ready for tomorrow and just want to ask a question ...
    Oat bran!! I hate it! I managed a bit of it last time but then really went off the muffins, do we HAVE to have it or can it be left out??
  13. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Hi Laura,

    similar story to mine...lost 3.5 stone in 2011...and re tried to start dukan a million times but couldn't get past attack without an almighty binge but back in the zone.

    Re oat bran he says in his book it compulsory, as it absorbs water and makes you feel full. He does go into great detail about it!

    i use it as porridge. And it's gone in 2 mouthfuls anyway so I get it out of the way in the morning!!

    Good luck & look forward to sharing our progress :)

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  14. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    Yes that's been exactly my problem but I have to do it! I figure if I get my head down most of it could be gone by xmas( which is my favourite time of the year! Lol)
    How did you get on with attack this time?

    Thanks for responding with the oatbran I know I need to do it! I've found a recipe for biscuits that I might try! Thank you x
  15. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Attack was great. I did 3 days attack and lost 5.4 lbs!! And 7lb in 6 days....

    i loved in your first introduction post "I loved myself and felt very comfortable". That's exactly how I felt & want that feeling again!!!!

    i may start a diary actually, never done it before but why not!

    yes I made ginger biscuits with oatbran... Nice with a cuppa!

  16. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Same story as you both but I did cambridge last time,dukan is a new experience !
    Andi your attack loss is brill!!! I'm sure I have gone wrong somewhere (?)

    My cruise starts in the morning,need to visit tesco and get my veg. Am also wanting some cocoa,which one does everyone use?

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  17. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Hi purple,

    how ow many days have you done so far & how much have you lost? Are you drinking 1.5 litres if water & doing your daily walk?

    I use use organic fat reduced cocoa that I buy from the dukan diet shop online, lovely hot chocolate & I make chocolate sponge with it which gets me through

  18. purpleflower

    purpleflower Full Member

    Hi yes I drink 2-3l water a day + coffee+ Pepsi max,yes I'm walking /jogging. I am happy with my loss,I just thought it would be more

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  19. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    So I'm writing this down now in the hope I can remind myself how I feel!!! Gross! That's how I feel! I ate way too much last night and now can't sleep due to acid and bunged up nose( which I always get when I put weight on)!! I cannot wait to feel empty and not bloated! I also am looking forward to not touching alcohol until November ideally as I have no events etc to go to!
    Anyway rant over and I'll read this in a few weeks and hopefully remind myself that me and food do not have a healthy relationship, something which last time was improved by dukan.
    Right I'm off to try sleep!!
  20. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    Oh god!! I weighed! It's hideous! 13.11!!! No more said move on! Lowest I got to on dukan was 10.11 I think so 3 stone to go!!
    Food today....
    Breakfast scrambled eggs
    L prawns and calamari
    D salt and pepper chicken

    Need to go and buy oatbran and make some biscuits
    30 day shred day 1 starts again today!
    Wish me luck! Xx
  21. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    So day 1 of the shred done! To say I've done crossfit for 4 months it was still so hard! Had a nice breakfast/lunch of eggs and ham which I know is too salty but it needed using.
    Chicken for tea I think or might go treat myself to some seafood, hope everyone is ok! It's very quite on here!

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