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***wednesday*** lets do it hr by hr***

Susan you have put me to shame! i havent even had a tea yet or water, or had my ritual of jumping on the scales - be back when ive rectifed all 3!!!
You have drank 2 pint's already Susan? geez i am just having my first cup of coffee.

I need to get on top of my water drinking, i have been sucky at it the past few days.
Only managed half my coffee as it tasted horrible, think I will have to try tea today.xx

Claire i have been up since 5.30 thats how Ive drunk so much already.lol.


Trying to stay healthy!
Good morning ladies, sorry to hear you are not feeling well susan, take it easy and hope you feel better soon!

I am feeling pretty chuffed today! wk8 weigh-in last night and lost another 3lbs and have smashed my october mini challenge...yay me!! Also i have measured and lost a combined 28.5 inches all over since the start, and now i am in the 10 stones for the first time in 10 years!!!! woohoo!!!
Starting SS+ today in preparation for going to a wedding on Friday, so can't wait for my Tuna steak tonight.
Had a half a litre water and 1 coffee so far today!!

Hope everyone has a good day!!
Congratulation's Lellycd!! what a great job, you must feel great:D


Trying to stay healthy!
thanks claire i do and to think that only 8 wks ago i wouldn't have believe it was possible! i love this diet!!! it's hard but it works!!!
sorry your not feeling too good susan - have an easy day!
wow lellycd thats great I want to be 10 stone no more no less;)
must admit I don't know how some of you drink so much water I can just about manage the 2litres.


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morning guys.

our car was broken into last night so after my mammoth late shift i come home and have to ring the police and wait while they turn up to look at the car. can't sleep any more. i am absolutely shattered but for some reason i can't get back to sleep. poor OH had to get up at 6...

so today isn't going to be the best of days. i'm working late again tonight. day off tomorrow though.

at least i didn't comfort eat, ha. in fact, i didn't want anything until the realisation hit me that i hadn't wanted to comfort eat. and then i immediately wanted a chinese... :D

abz xx


Trying to stay healthy!
sorry to hear that abz! hope they catch the b*****ds! well done for not turning to food!
ive just been out to the shops only about 5mins away and in that time my hands have turned purple its soooooo cold today.

sorry to hear about your car abz but congratulations on not turning to food, well done.xx
Abz Im sorry hun bloody gits, not fair is it. Hope they get some decent forensics and can catch the people that did it.
And huge well done Abz for not caving in!

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