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Wednesday WI Gang!

Hi there

This is a thread for those of us who have decided we want to WI at home and support each other. After lots of discussion (well a bit) we have decided on Wednedays, cos that's when Sarah and I weigh in and it was our idea :cool:

The idea is that we WI on a Wednesday and post our weight change on here, along with any mini-goals for the week and we support each other as if it were a class.

So far, then, the Wednesday Gang is:


If I have forgotten you or you want to join, just post in here and we'll add you to the list.
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WI results for Wednesday 30 July then, are:

- Karenlou +1 (boo!)
- Sarahian -2 (well done!)
- Jax -4 (setting the standard!)
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Oh yes, so...

As you can see, I put a pound on this week and that was not unexpected. I would like to lose 2lbs this coming week.

Thank you.

My name is Karen and I'm an alcoholic... Oh sorry, wrong support group ;)
Thank you - it's nice to see my sense of humour is appreciated.

Do you have a mini-goal that you would like to share with us this lovely Wednesday afternoon, Sarah?

(See, I could be a WW leader LOL)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hey, only just found this thread lol

errm put me down for a loss of 4lbs because i've lost that since last week so may aswell have that as a starting point!

thanks chic xxx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
thank youuuu x


Will be slim!!!!!!!
yeah i don't think i will set myself goals just yet, as i shouldn't really be dieting atm lol but i still am xxx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
exactly, just focusing on feeling better then ill prob go back to ww but see how i do!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
lol this thread couldn't be classy even if you tried! its filthy to the core hence why im drawn into here to share my dirtyness :) xx
Well I think you should kick Jax out as shes a filthy hussy!

My aim is too be in the 16's only becasue that meansim close to my 10% goal and man il be happy!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
kick me out?! :-(


Will be slim!!!!!!!
lol thanks karen! honestly sara im completely...ashamed by you, take off your tiara because you're no way classy! lol so get back in your bin liner like the rest of us and talk filth!

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