Week 6 RTM?

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  1. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    Hi all,

    I have started week 6 RTM today! I just wanted to know how much raisins and dried fuit we can eat? As at work there is a raisin and nut bag (no cals information on it) and wanted to know if its ok to munch on or not!

    All i have been having everyday is:

    2 x Total 0% Yogurt
    15 x Strawberries
    1 x Pear or Apple
    1-2 x Plums
    2 x Mandarines

    2 Protein Meals, 1 cereal bar (and for the last 3 days I haven't had my 2nd Foodpack), will do from today!

    For some reason, I am feeling extra hungry today!

    Yesterday was my Hubby's birthday and I got a lovely cake made for him, I was so tempted to lick the spoon before washing it (but I stopped there and then).

    Please can you advise me on Week 6.

    Thank you :)
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  3. Alibongo

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    I would go careful with dried fruit and nuts they pack quite a lot of calories.
    1 heaped tablespoon of raisins, sultanas, etc is a serving, the same as having 1 apple or 2 plums. You are already having 3-4 servings of fruit so I would skip them for now or replace one of the other servings you are having.
    Nuts are pretty high too, but good for you. It is something you need to make sure you weigh/count, in the RTM book it does tell you how many you can have for a serving, I think the best was cashews, but you can only have 10.
    By all means have them, but be carful.

    Well done on resisting the cake!
    I resisted a very yummy looking chocolate covered cookie thing today offered at my friends house.
  4. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    Thanks Ali! :)

    I feel like i have all of a sudden increased my fruit intake :(

    I have been eating :

    1-2 plums (approx 45 cals for 2 plums)
    1 pear (sometimes) (approx 48 cals)
    2 satsumas (approx 47 cals)
    1/2-1 box of strawberries & 1/2 box of blackberries (approx 62 cals)

    Plus i don't always have my 2nd foodpack now, have probably missed 6 days worth during my whole time in RTM!
  5. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

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    Please be careful you don't start playing with the programme too much.
    You still have another few weeks before you are supposed to drop a foodpack, you still aren't eating the right nutrients and vitamins to drop another one yet.
    You have effectively replaced the pack with extra fruit, but it could well be more cals than you should be having.

    You really shouldn't have more than 3 servings of fruit per day, you are having

    1-2 plums (approx 45 cals for 2 plums) (1 serving)
    1 pear (sometimes) (approx 48 cals) (1 serving)
    2 satsumas (approx 47 cals) (1 serving)
    1/2-1 box of strawberries & 1/2 box of blackberries (approx 62 cals)(3 or more servings, depending on how big the box is) A serving of berries is approx 7 medium strawberries or 2 handfuls of blackberries.
    Do go careful, there is quite a lot of sugar in fruit.

    Are you eating all your veg? Maybe you need to try and have an extra veg snack instead of some of the fruit.

    How are you breaking down your meals?
    I was doing something like this on week 6:

    Breakfast - fruit and yog (or sometimes scrambled egg, grilled tomatoes and 'fried 'mushrooms instead of protein lunch on the weekend).
    morning snack - shake (Vanilla made into latte)
    lunch - protein and salad
    afternoon snack - 1 apple or LL bar
    dinner - protein and veg, jelly and yoghurt.
    evening snack - 7 strawberries with yog or LL bar.
    Sometime it is nice to change things about a bit and get new ideas otherwise it can be easy to get bored and start playing around too much, pushing the boundaries too far.

    Hope you don't think I am telling you off, I am just worried about you. :)
  6. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    Thanks Ali, no i don't think you're telling me off, you give me gr8 advice! Please can you kindly advice me on which fruit I should eat and of how many.

    DOn't forget I have 2 x Total 0% 150 g tubs per day
    2 protein salad meals
    Pls suggest between the plums, pears, satsumas, strawberries and blackberries.

    How many calories do you htink my fruit overall should be?

    Also what veggy snakc should i munch on, would 2 carrot sticks be ok?

    I just want you to break down for me , which fruit and quantity please. Well i had 2 foodpacks yesterday and 2 today!, Will be sticking to that from now on!
  7. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

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    All the fruits you are having are fine, you just need to watch the serving sizes, this is a rough guide (taken from the LL site)

    Each of these is one serving
    Canned*/stewed fruit 3 heaped tbsp
    Dried apricots/dates 3
    Grapefruit ½
    Medium fruit eg apple, banana, orange, pear 1
    Melon 1 medium slice
    Pure fruit juice 1 small glass (150ml) Raisins, sultanas 1 heaped tbsp
    Raspberries 2 handfuls
    Small fruits eg plums, satsumas 2
    Strawberries 7 medium

    You should stick to max 3 servings per day.
    I know it is hard to stick to that, I found it hard at first, but as the weeks go on and you can have other stuff it isn't so bad.

    Carrot sticks is fine, you can have any of the veg on your list, and you can have up to 450g/1lb per day in veg snacks. That is over and above the veg you have with your 2 protein meals.

    Well done on getting back on the full pack allowance.

    On week 6 you should be having around 1100 cals per day. If you aren't eating this much then don't suddenly up it, do it gradually. You will be adding pulses/beans week 7 then bread week 8 which will naturally up your cals any way, but roughly you need to be having this

    Week 6 add 100 = 1100 per day
    Week 7 add 100 = 1200 per day
    Week 8 add 150 = 1350 per day
    Week 9 add 150 = 1500 per day
    Week 10 add 150 = 1650 per day
    Week 11 add 150 = 1800 per day
    Week 12 add 200 = 2000 per day

    I use this cal counter Food Focus - Permanent Weight Loss which I found very useful.
  8. Penguin_Girl

    Penguin_Girl New Member

    Thanks for the link to Food Focus Ali. Just been looking and seems really useful
  9. Slimseaa

    Slimseaa Silver Member

    Thanks Ali, will come back to u for more advice soon, thanks my LighterLife Mum! :)
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