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Weekends break??

Hello everybody,
I have been on cambridge for 3 weeks on SS+ and managed to loose 5 kilos so now i'm 67.1 Kl, and my goal is 60Kls, i want to keep doing my ss+ but i was wondering if it would be ok for me to be totally comitted during the week and having weekends off, obviuosly not totally free, but at least being able to enjoy a little more with my partner (still drinking my 2 1/2 lts of water). What do you guys think??:party0011:
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i think that you'll end up in withdrawal all the time from coming in and out of ketosis hon. the better option would be to do a higher plan and eat every day... you're so close. but i think you'd feel awful about 80% of the time!! terrible from eating 'normal' carby food and then terrible from the withdrawal of it...

sorry hon.

abz xx


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I kinda do that?! Well I SS strictly all week and then rather have a week of AAM I have a Sunday evening meal every week, exactly what you would be allowed on AAM, nothing more, nothing less! I've been doing this from the start! It's my 15th week this week, it works for me! XX


Must do it this time
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personally i dont think you should do that,you dont have much left to lose and if you stick to it 100% then you will get there alot quicker and then you can start eating again as normal,and as stated you will be coming in and out of ketosis which sort of defeats the purpose of the diet,
good luck with whatever you decide,
elaine x
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I was just thinking about the same thing!, but whether it would be ok to do it Atkins style (a no-carb meal) so being able to stay in ketosis??

would that completely sabotage everything. I haven't been on it as long as you gloria - this is day 6 & by my own scales I've lost about 6lbs

I'm taking my dad out for fathers day dinner and it will be very hard to sit in a restaurant and not eat. I was thinking of getting some roasted white fish and salad....

what do you guys think?

I'm not really sure how the whole calories vs carbs thing works either , would it be better to cut the 3rd shake of have the food on top of the 3rd shake?
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I think sometimes we HAVE to have a meal out to live our lives!
We will have to learn how to eat sensibly eventually, so personally I do have the odd low carb meal out, I stay in ketosis and then just get straight back on track!
I do not have an off day, only an off meal if you know what I mean!

I'm at a sit down 40th party on Tuesday, and I'm having a low carb curry with salad (no rice) and maybe a glass of wine!
Straight back to CD on Wednesday am!!!
Thank you all you your replies I think i should keep going on my ss+, i just tried the soups the other day, i really liked the chicken and mushroom!! which one is your favourite??
i stick to eat through the week but have changed my cdc to a friday so at least i can have a take away on a friday and a drink. i do this because otherwise i'd just pig out big time and not want to go back. i lost 7lb last week and yes i ate chocolate etc afterwards but was back on it monday with no probs. yes it might take me a bit longer but if i have a small meal on anight i'll end of falling of the wagon again. i think in my head i know i need to be good so i can be a little bad at the weekend. thats just me and seems to be working so i aint complaining.

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