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Weighing Scales?


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I bought a digital set from Robert Dyas for about 10 that do the job for me.

They match what my mum's and my gran in law's scales say so i'm confident they work well...plus they like going down, so that's always a winner!!


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A little hint, when u weigh ur self and don't think its right, hop back off and grab something, I have a basket of perfumes about 8 pounds , and I weigh my self with that, then jump back on n see if ur first weight w out basket or whatever is the same when u hoped back on :)
I'd definitely recommend digital ones, I have a set of each sort and those are so much better and easier to get an accurate result from.


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Ended up getting some digital Salter scales from Asda for £10!

Not quite sure I've sussed the settings on it yet but it's all good.

Is it right you shouldn't weigh yourself on carpet?


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, the carpet affects the feet on the bottom, isn't even and you'll get hugely varying results each time
There's a whole STONE of difference between carpet and non-carpet floors in my house lol


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So glad I found this forum, was going to ask the same question myself. I have been using my husband's old non-digital scale (what do you call that, an analog scale?), and if I forget to bring my glasses in with me then I'm doomed when I step on the scale naked and try to see where the little red line is between all the black lines on that round thing that spins and tells me how much I weigh!

One thing I am afraid of, though, is buying a new scale and then finding out that I weigh more than the other scale said... :/

I put one of my 10lb dumbells on the scale I use and it said 10lbs exactly, so I think it is accurate, at least it is up to 10 lbs!

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