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weight lose so far

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by blue eyes, 22 December 2008 Social URL.

  1. blue eyes

    blue eyes Positive and focused!

    16/09/08 14st 11lb
    23/09/08 14st 2lb -9lbs:)
    30/09/08 13st 12lb -4lbs
    07/10/08 13st 6lb -6lbs:)
    14/10/08 13st 1lb -5lbs
    21/10/08 12st 12lb -3lbs
    28/10/08 12st 9lb -3lbs
    05/11/08 12st 8lb -1lb hols
    12/11/08 12st 1lb -6lb:cool:
    19/11/08 12st 1lb same:sigh:
    26/11/08 11st 12lb -3lb
    03/12/08 hols
    10/12/08 hols
    17/12/08 11st 12lb same:sigh:

    This is my weight lose so far. I will insert ticker soon when my sister loulou has worked out how to do it!
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  3. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Well-Known Member

    You have done so well so far, keep on losing!

    Tell your sis there is a sticky on the main page with gives all the info on getting a ticker up.

  4. MrsFatBum

    MrsFatBum Well-Known Member

    wuhoooo well done you! thats great weight loss so far xx

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