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Weighty Matey Oatey October Thread


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Right guys the season is changing its getting cooler
personally going to start on the porridge to get my days off to an good start.

lets move some more lbs in time for those that indulge in the halloween treats xxx then at least it wont be so bad :)

Becca Wecca --0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, (lost lbs)
Becca306-0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs,0lbs (lost lbs)
Evilpenguin - -2.5lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, ( lost 2.5 lbs)
Happy Holidays -Target Member woop woop
Jedifran - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Jennifaerie - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Lonestitcher - 0lbs,0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, (lost lbs)
Losingme - sts, +1.5lbs, +0.5lbs, +1.5lbs, (gain 3.5lbs)
metrognome--2lbs, +2.5lbs, -1lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost 0.5lbs)
mollysmum1- 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
mrsmc - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Pickle87- -4.5lbs, NOWI , -0.5lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost 5lbs)
Piglet977- +1lbs, -2lbs, +1lbs, +1.5lbs, (gain 1.5lbs)
Sarahandmolly - -1lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost 1lbs)
*Theresa*- NOWI, +4.5lbs, -2lbs, -3.5lbs, (lost 1lbs)
Vickiw -+0.5lbs, sts, 0lbs, 0lbs (gain0.5lbs)
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My last 2 weigh ins have been missed from September - week 3 gained 1.5lb and week 4 lost 3.5lb.

Thanks Vicki
Thanks hun - trying to get another stone off for xmas so i've joined the gym - no pain no gain (or shoud I say loss!).

Good luck to everyone for October x
I gained 0.5lb this week - went off plan after my youngest son cracked his head open and had to have it glued back together! :(

He's OK now and I'm back on track.
:) I lost 4.5 lb this week x
Hi... sorry I've not put my losses on here - mostly cos they've all been gains lol

I'm back on plan now so hoping for a loss for next week :)
1lb off for me this wk x
dont worry babe we're not here to judge no need to apologise, we're here to support each other and life does just get in the way of the plan at times but im sure you'll pull it back.
i too have had an appauling week hardly stuck to plan at all so god only knows what im going to see tomorrow on the scales at WI :fingerscrossed:
i lost 2lb :) woooooooooohooooooooooo

woop woop piglet great stuff

i on th eother hand gained 1.5lb this week :( oh well back to pre planning and food diary time gotta work on my foods again been getting bored so skipping brekkie (a big no no) and not really watching my syns so all in all right off plan!! back on it this week and hoping to shift that 1.5 for next tuesday WI
:( Losingme ... mind u i never have breakfast.. well i have a Fiber Plus bar @ 10 . i can not eat in the mornings :( am sure u will lose that again next week :) Good luck
right hows everyone doing bit quiet here lately remember lose or gain or maintain we're here for each other xxx
having a good start to the 'first week again' feeling good feeling full and feeling refreshed with the exercise ive been getting in so here's to a great week hoping to keep control on weekend only out for a few drinks so sticking to the voddy and DC xx syns allowing!!
Hello - I sts this week. Not having a good start to this week - fish and chips last night after a busy (and expensive) day at the caravan exhibition!

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