Well 3 months off & i'm back! Only 2lb heavier!!!


Hi all, not sure if anyone remembers me, i see some old familiar names are still about!
My names Lorraine & i started this diet towards the end of last year, i shifted 2 stone but then i decided to have a break. So started back on it yesterday & was so chuffed that i'd only put on 2lbs in the break which considering that included xmas i'm very pleased!!
I still have about 6 stone to go but my 1st target is 2 stone by the end of march! Then hopefully another stone before our family holiday at the end of april.
I have nearly 4 yr old twins Thomas & Abigail & even tho i am losing this weight to be a better mum for them the main reason is for me! Last year when i decided to start the 1st time i had realised that in the 3 years of my childrens life i had no photos of them with me so my aim is when i lose this tub of lard that we are going to go & have a photo shoot! Just losing the 2 stone made such a big difference so i can't wait to see ehat happens when i get to goal!
Anyway think i've waffled enough so hopefully speak to some oldies & any newbies too!
Would be great to find someone who started this week too to buddy up with!

Lorraine x
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Queen of the Damned
Welcome back Lorraine, and well done on only regaining 2 lbs!! :D Looking forward to sharing the rest of your journey with you :)


Thanks DQ! I remember you from before & i know you were a great help to my mum Anne-marie (goldgranny)who was doing the one thru her doctor! (can't remember the name!)


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Welcome back DM, it's great to hear how well you have done and that you hardly put any back on during your break - that must bode well for the future when you start maintaining.
ood luck with stage two - I am sure you will do brilliantly!

love Barb xx

mrs tweedy

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well done 2lbs gain is fabulous during such a long break! And welcome back - wishing you all the best with phase two of your journey xx