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What are we looking forward to do when we are thin?


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As I said on Yams other thread
my back to stop twanging with pain when I get up

other features I am looking forward to (as i remember not too long ago when I was thin :eek::argh::sigh2:

getting out of the bath easily :rolleyes:

keeping up with my Hubby when I walk with him (and overtaking )

shopping at Primark for clothes

Fitting in my Bike gear again

not avoiding going out when a Mate who I haven't seen for a while invites my out to a group drink


not looking like a blimp in photos


my blood pressure lowering

being able to run again, and getting back to running 6 miles

I am sure there are many more
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Chronic dieter!!!
Walking the hill that leads to my home without my heart racing.
Walking without getting ouchies between my thighs from them rubbing together.
Putting on a bikini without feeling the need to vomit.
Feeling sexy in bed.
Having lovely comments about my weight loss all day long :D
Going back to learning how to swim - can't afford to do both and weight loss won!


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You're an Aussie & you can't swim !!!!


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Same as margarino lol walking up the hill to my home ( i live in derbyshire dales there is no such thing as a flat road lol)Im fit but im not that fit :D

Fitting in my summer clothes ( only want to lose two stone ,,)

Seeing my husband happier as im doing this for him to get him to stick to it ,as since he had an op he has gained a bit of weight and it makes him miserable ,and i hate that .

ermm liking photos of me again

having to buy a two sizes smaller uniform for college in sept :D:D:D


Bad Girl
I just want to be healthy. :)

Just recently I've lost several people close to me for various reasons :( and it's made me realise how lucky I am that despite my size I have no real health issues. Thing is, at my current weight if anything did go wrong it could be made far worse because of my flab if that makes sense?


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I know what you mean Yams
would they still be here if they had been a healthy weight

I thnk my Dad would most certainly have lived a lot longer, and not died 7 months after he retired (what a waste)
although I doubt he would be here now
he would have been 93 :O

don't tell me you won't be buy a few posing outfits when you are Thin Yams

I hope to go to Creatures 'do, ride over to the BMF show and buy a few Frank Thomas and/or Hein Gerinke bargain seconds :D in a Smaller size


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:family2::bliss:mad: Mush


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That must be a real incentive for you, are you having a better week this week?

well i've lost 5lbs so far this week but its still not been great, still not sticking to the diet 100% trying my hardest but its bnot happening, i'm concidering giving hubby my purse and car keys so i can't get to the supermarket!!

i've been of work for nearly 7months now with stress and depression (long story involving an arsehole manager, a miscarrige and a yr of not being able to conceive) and yesterday my brother and his wife had their first child which i am sooooo happy about but it just brought the fact that i'm having problems conceiving right back into my head :(


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Mush iv been trying five years ,Have PCOS and high FSH secondary infertility,

just coming up to my first anniversary (Valentines day so was no bed of roses for me last year :( ) of losing our much tried for much wanted baby ....

Im losing weight to have IVF ... So i know how you feel ,is it just a year you have been trying if yes ,, then did you know it takes anywhere up to two years to get preg .. Its amazing the human body gets preg at all so don't give up hope yet


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i'm losing weight for ivf treatment too, i lost 3 1/2 stone on cd before i got married, 1 month after got married i fell pregnant, then found out on my 12 week scan that i was misscarring :( tried for over a yr to fall again but cycle is all over the place, had a whole bunch of tests scans etc and can't find anything wrong so the infertility clinic have put it down to my weight, hence the diet, our next appointment is end of june and i need to have lost 6st by then hence the diet, got another 4st 9lbs to go


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Hiya :)
I am wanting to start doing the exante diet at the end of the month (hubby gets paid then lol). I was going to do it a few weeks back but couldn't afford it then.

For me, getting thinner would be just wonderful, to look good and have confidence would be brilliant. My main target for loosing weight is so that we can ttc our last little treasure, i have gained an awful lot of weight since having my youngest especially.
I just want to be healthy, and be able to go into shops down the town and get clothes instead of buying online.

Could i also just say! the very best of luck loosing the weight to you all, and especially the ladies who are loosing weight for ivf treatment!, my cousin had ivf treatment last year and now is full term pregnant!:D (just waiting on hearing the news!!) which even makes me teary just typing it, cause she had been trying for years!

Miss Demeanour

I.P. Freely
I've got no idea. I've never been thin.

OK, I've been thinner than I have now to a greater ot lesser extent, and being big never really stopped me doing anything before (possibly apart from skydiving, but I'm far to busy at the mo. ;))

Not on a downer or anything, but when these coversations come round and people discuss their fat vs. thin experiences, I have absolutely nothing to compare my 'fat' experiences to, as for me that's all been 'normal' and my everyday existence. I've always just been 'me'.

I suppose I'd like to get back into my fencing jacket, but havn't found a club round here anyway, so it's kinda immaterial.

When any club/group/hypnosis CD says 'Imagine your thin self...' errr... I actually can't. Genuinely. :confused:


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Well Miss D
you're in for a shock
in the nicest possible way

how about enjoying your visits to your clubs?

Miss Demeanour

I.P. Freely
I hope so. Last time I lost 2 1/2 stone 1) no-one noticed, and 2) my clothes looked daft and baggy, but wasn't sufficiently smaller to go down a size or two. So yeah, I'm kinda waiting for the dietary epiphany that regularly passes me by...

Visits? Clubs? sadly with the weather as it is I'm not getting out much at the mo. I even had to get the bus to work this morning...
Being able to go shopping and buy nice fitted clothes

Going on holiday and feeling confident with myself

Being more energetic with my daughter

Wanting to have night outs with the friends again




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1> Being able to shut the hell up and stop moaning to other people about how rubbish I feel about myself, and to be able to whole-heartedly accept all of the wonderful things my boyfriend says to me instead of brushing off his compliments or getting p*ssy and accusing him of lying to me... :sigh:

2> Hopefully losing a bit of weight around my bust so I stop getting aching shoulders and numbness in the back of my neck (oh, and be able to fit into prettier bras :) )

3> I would love to be able to fit into size 10 clothes. I'm not so sure about the whole 'bikini body' thing as I have a lot of scars and stretchmarks, so I doubt I will ever bare too much skin, but just having a nice shaped body will be great, as that's something I can actually change, whereas the scars etc are there for good, unfortunately.

I know I have A LOT less to lose than most of you on here, but really bad patterns in the way I eat have emerged over the last 4 years and I really want to kick it before I get REALLY overweight.
It's really, truly inspirational to look at all the stats on here of how much you have all lost, and I hope I can stick at it and be as successful x


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heres what im looking foreward to

1. been able to keep up with my kids
2.been able to buy nice clothes, instead of hideing under baggy jumpers
3. been able to walk with my head held high
4.not hideing when i see people who knew me before i banged the weight on