What are you looking forward to the most in 2010?!


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Hi folks, I thought that as we've now entered a New Year, and are starting a clean slate, that it would be fun to discuss all the things that we are looking forward to the most this year!! This could be weight loss related or not, whatever big (or small) thing is happening to you in 2010!! I'll start off! Mine IS weight loss related and I'm looking forward to my cruise at the end of May and feeling great in a new dress, hopefully a size 14 by then (I'm now just comfortably into a size 18 down from a 20!) Last time I went on a cruise I felt so unhappy with myself it really held me back from enjoying it! What a waste!! Who's next?X
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I'm looking forward to my son coming home, he has been in New Zealand and Australia for the last 3 years.


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I'm looking forward to feeling fitter and thinner (4 stone by next Christmas).

I'm also looking forward to my OH getting divorced at the end of the year as it gets him down not being able to call her the 'ex-wife' yet! They will have been (physically) separated 2 years in September (we've been together since April 2009) so he will go for the 2 year separated path but if she objects he'll go for unreasonable behaviour of which she did plenty (affairs, refused to go to work but expected him to do all the housework when he got home from work etc).


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hmmm..... im looking forward to finally getting down to and maintaining a good target weight ... I have got about another 40 lbs to go so its within my grasp.... over the past 5 years I have done it in stages ( and only just realised) have started out at a serious hefty post preggers weight ...
I am also lookng forward to finding and getting another job that will enable me to leave my current one in which I am desperately unhappy ...
I am looking forward to seeing my boys grow another year...
relationship wise... lol... I am just praying that I see some improvement on mine ... but not holding my breath
Creativity wise... I havent set myself a goal other than to learn how to crochet lol! I have a blog with about a 1000 goals and aims listed on it, same as I do every year :-D

Happy Holidays

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I'll say I must lead a contented (not boring :rolleyes:) life. The only thing I'm looking forward to is my 3 holidays this year :p For the past few years I've been trying (not very well) to learn Spanish, this year I'll try harder.

Otherwise more of the same, walks with OH when he's not working, taking life easy & a positive attitude to everything.

Oh yes, I'm still trying to persude OH to go back to India next year, it's proving to be more difficult than I thought :cool: so that's something to look forward to, I just don't know why he doesn't say yes now, 'cause it's going to happen :p


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I'm looking forward to going to New York and Vegas in May this year and being a size 12 by the time I get there :)
I'm also looking forward to buying a flat this year and hopefully trying to start a family.
Just very excited about the new year, I've got lots to look forward to :)


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I'm looking forward to reaching my target too. I'm starting this year in a much happier frame of mind after losing 2 stone, now I just need to lose the next 32lbs. I will do it this year! :D

I'm looking forward to spending time with my children (working on winning the lottery to become a stay at home mum..) ;) and my OH - planning a holiday for the 4 of us and just enjoying life.

I hope everyone gets what they are wishing for this year! :D

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Im looking forward to my 3 Peaks 24 hour challenge!! Lots of training still going on for that one! Naturally I want to be thinner and healthier and thats all Im aiming for this year!


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wearing a dress!!! LOL


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hopefully shopping in primark!! lol sounds stupid but my friend who is gorgeous and slim (size 8) bought a top from primark for a 2 quid and i bought an identical top in new look plus size and i paid 7 times that!

not that im a cheap skate lol but it was only a basic top!


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I am looking forward to reaching target, im not sure what that is yet but know it is within my reach this year! I decided when I feel comfortable and happy with myself that that will be my target!

I am off to the carribean with my OH, best friend and her OH in June. We have both been loosing weight for almost a year and this is our treat! A bikini body would be a bonus for me!

Also get to the next progression level in my career!


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Ugh I am not in a positive mood today, so for fear of "murdering someone" being on there I'll do my list later lol.

Lots of you have some exciting things planned for 2010!! X


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i want to get from a size 16/18 to a size 10, more than what the scales say really. i really want to be a size 10 for my year of 25th birthday as i would really like a photo shoot to look back at when im 40 lol
i really really hope my house sells too


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1. Birth of my niece (within next few weeks)
2. Cousin's wedding (May)
3. Friend's wedding (October)
4. Seeing my sister in November who won't have seen for 2 years by that time - WOOHOOO!!! (on seeing her, not NOT seeing her lol)
5. Another friend's wedding in November
7. Planning my wedding :D

2010 is going to KICK SOME BUTT! xxxx


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  1. Qualifying as a teacher and getting a job for September
  2. Reaching my target weight
  3. Hopefully go on holiday with OH if we can find a cheapie - and not feel conscious about my body for the first time since I was about 16/17

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It's my 30th in September and we're going to Italy (Rome and Amalfi) for two weeks and I WILL be at target then! Also got two of my best friend's weddings within two weeks each other, one a day after we get back from Italy and what makes it extra special is that one lives in Oz and one in Dubai but they're coming home to get married so all us girlies are together! xxx


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Fantastic replies!! There are lots of amazing things that people are looking forward too, and nice to know life's not ALL about weight loss!!! However, I am with you KissMe on the Primark thing! I also have a size 8 friend who is always wearing gorgeous things and nearly every time I ask where she gets them (expecting her to say Karen Millen or something) she nearly always says Primark, and they cost pennies!! Just think how many clothes we'll be able to buy for our money! I'm very excited!! Hehe!X