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What Clothes size are you in today? and Weight

Might be a cheeky thread, but trying to see the correlation between weight loss and clothes sizes!

I started at 20st 7 and was a size 26/28

Today I am 18st 5 and my top half is a 20/22, but 22/24 bottoms, although evans knickers in size 18/20 fit me - strange but true.

So, what size and weight did you start at and what are you now?

Im thinking of ordering myself a pair of trousers in 20, 18, 16 so i can hang them up as an incentive to see how close I can get into them! Once i can get into the 16s, ill order smaller!
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i started at the high end size 32 :(
now im size 28 even size 26 some things lol.


Slowly but surely!
I started size 20 Top and 22/24 bottoms, ive just gone into the 13s for the first time since I was a teenager and im now a 16-18 :)
I started this years diet attempt at 21st 7 I was in 24/26 trousers or jeans.... size 22 tops size 22/24 dresses

I am now 17st 4lbs I can fit in size 18/20 jeans size 20 fitted trousers and size 16 tops and dresses...


Trying to stay positive..
i'm 5'7, started out 17st 7, size 18/20, am now 9st 12/ 10st (my weight fluctuates a bit), i am a size 10, sometimes 8 (although i only get into size 8 tops and jackets, trousers are always size 10).
i'm 5'7, started out 17st 7, size 18/20, am now 9st 12/ 10st (my weight fluctuates a bit), i am a size 10, sometimes 8 (although i only get into size 8 tops and jackets, trousers are always size 10).
wow amazing well done...how long did it take you to lose weight?


Trying to stay positive..
it took me 7.5 months, from 1st May till 21st December 2008. i finished in December because i wanted to enjoy Christmas, but I still wanted to lose a bit more (i wanted to be 9st 5). i just don't have the heart for it anymore:| so i'm hoping that when summer comes i will have more sports and swimming, and will hopefully lose weight then.
hi there,m this is sort of related so thought would ask you :)

how much do you generally have to lose to lose a dress size?...on average?

was going to put a separate thread but it's quite related to this i suppose :)

thanks! xx

It's about 1stone = 1dress size.
I started at 21.5 stone, size 30/32 Feb 2008
Now 9 stone 10lbs , size 8/10
Goal achieved mid Dec. 2008
Shoe size gone from 7 to 6,
Ring size also gone down.
Tights from XXL to SMALL
Bras from 44F TO 32E
Loving everything about the change, especially improvement in my health.
im 14.4

a size 14 on bottom (but getting loose)
a 16 on top but theyre baggy everywhere but my boobs;)

i started 16.8
size 18 on top
16 bottom
I am 5'9 I started at 17. 6 and was an 18/20. 18's were a bi snug and 20's a bit too loose. I am now comfortable in an 18 and TBH is possibly a little loose in some styles.
hi, am 5.1 started at 11st 5lbs, size 14/16, now 8st 11lbs, size 10/12
Thanks all! x Great for inspiration! I keep wanting to buy smaller clothes to hang up and keep trying on, but I know ill end up changing my mind about what to wear with each stone that comes off!
I started at 14 stone and was in a size 18. I went down 1 stone and 1 dress size every month. I had the same Dorothy Perkins trousers in 18,16,14 and 12's.
I gained 1 1/2 stone and have been back in the 16's, but they are almost too big and the 14's just a little bit tight. About another 2 weeks and I'll be in them comfortably.
I have to say that with conventional diets I have never worn size 12 trousers when I weighed 11 stone. At 11 stone I was a size 14 and at 10 stone I was a size 12. But then I think LL and probably other VLCD make you lose muscle as well as fat, which is why you kind of 'plump up' a bit once you start eating again.
Its funny seeing this thread, as I was only talking about this with a friend this morning!


Crawling to the finish!
hey im 5,4 started almost 14stone in an 18/20 and now Im 10stone in a size 10! Sometimes my bust pushes me to a 12 top (E cup) but im hoping the last stone will sort that problem x
Hi I started at 12st 13lbs size 16 now 11st 7lbs and am just fitting in size 12 bottoms- I have big bust (g cup) so 14 top aiming to be a perfect size 10! Wish me luck x
I Started About 4 months Ago 250lbs xxL top, 43inch bottoms.
im now 192lbs medium top 31inch bottoms =] ill be done
in july i hope to be 180lbs 29-30 bottoms


currently 11stone 12lbs
"comfortable" size 14 top and bottoms (starting to loosen off a bit but still fit okay)

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