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What do you do when your muscles ache?


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Its really annoying, this has happened a couple of times, especially when cycling; the energy is all there but my muscles begin to ache, especially the ones around the upper thigh and hips.

Its irritating because normally the other way round, as in my muscles are up for it but I have no energy. Its difficult enough to gather up the energy to do endurance exercise.

I streach properly before and after exercise, focusing on my hips which seem to be the problem area. A lot of marathon runners have told me about special muscles lubes you can buy to rub into your legs, but I don't exactly want to get my hips/thighs out in the gym, it would be embarrassing and it would fragment my workout (remember; endurance).

Surely I don't need these extremes for an hour and a half of cardio anyway? So, is there anything I can do about it or is it really just a matter of pushing through?
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Only stretch when you muscles are warm therefore only after exercising, and always warm up first. Can I ask you why do you want a BMI of 15? That is really unhealthy, perhaps your muscles ache because you are not taking in enough calories and then you are burning muscle when you exercise, just a thought. x


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Warm up before exercise and then a good 10-15 mins stretch afterwards should help ease any achings but I do have to say if your statistics are correct you are already very slim?


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Enjoy it! The buildup of lactic acid which causes muscle ache means you've had a good workout!


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Hi Cateka,
I am concerned that your health may be at risk. Your BMI is already in the underweight range and your goal BMI is anorexic. Your muscular aches could be becoming pathological not physiological. Please by all means aim to stay healthy :)
Debsue hit the nail on the head I think. Your muscles aching after exercise usually means they are caling out for nutrients. They need more carbs / protein to recover. If they don't get these nutrients, the muscles won't recover. If they don't recover they won't be stronger or fitter. If they don't get fitter, you won't burn as many calories when you exercise.

Bottom line, make sure you're getting enough protein to help your muscles recover.

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