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what goes through your head before you binge?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
I generally only binge on special days but those special days are becoming too frequent, especially when they arent even special!!!

excuses to date: birthday, anniversary, friends birthday and ofcourse easter.

These are all relatively good "excuses"

but these are my other ones: my boyfriend is coming over, now as special as he is, i see him every week so its not a special occassion yet i seem to fail most weeks recently.

the other thing that goes through my head is " oh im not going on holiday til june" i have plenty of time to get off the extra couple of pounds.

im trying to stop thinking like this and as of tomorrow im retraining my brain as i have just had my biggest binge yet with the exception of my birthday and its getting ridiculous.

so what goes through your head? if anything?
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Desperation/anger usually.
yep guilt/frustration/dissapointment after


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i may actually have a personal challenge of no chocolate for a month.... gonna get a big box chuck all the chocolate into it and lock it away and give the key to my OH who doesnt live with me. sound like an idea?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
chocolate gives me a massive headache too so i dont know why i do it?!!?!? grrr
Usually boredom..ive been quite good lately, when i do its usually only something small or low in points generally



Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
when i binge its big time :( but im changing my wi day to the start of the week to keep me on the straight and narrow over the weekend :)
I dont have a WI day i weigh daily..it keeps me on track i think...also think that the gym has been helping out as i feel like im accomplishing something by going. I love it, never thought i'd be one of those types of people lol

Had a bit of a blow out today, now i actually feel sick :(, not sure if its all down to food though.

I mean to do that...but i always forget, honestly, if my head wasnt attached to my body i would have lost it a long long time ago lol x
I have done it again today :( I am so angry at myself! I swear to got I can feel my double chin growing back as I type. Grr. I have worked so hard and lost all this weight now I am back on the road to fat again. :( I feel really down now although the dinner was lovely as was the trifle and cream egg... I put on last week cos of my birthday and can totally see me putting on even more this week. Which is making me not want to go to weigh in on thursday at all! :( :-( :(
Stupid, stupid girl! Aaaargh.


chunky chick :-)
try and not dwell on it too much, i dont have a very good relationship with food and every time i binge it tends to set me off on a downward spiral :-(
i eat > feel sad and depressed > i eat > put on weight > feel even more sad and depressed :-(
I've let myself down!!

My little girl got approx 15 Easter eggs and so far today I've managed to eat half a cadburys egg, half a dozen mini eggs and 3 hot cross buns. I feel totally disgusting. I haven't always binged but now I struggle so much every day now. I know Ijust need will power but I find it imensley difficult! I know that once I've lost my first stone I'll be able to control myself but I don't get motivated with the first few pounds. Sorry to whinge :( x
Cheers folks. I just dont know how to get back on track I have stuck to this religiously for 3 months and now for the last 2 weeks I have totally lost the plot! Really feel like giving up but then I know ill put it all back on and I have spent loads of money on new clothes for my new figure which will all go to waste. Feel so so down!! I think whats making it so bad is having to go get weighed on thursday and being told off. :(xxx but if I dont go I wont get back on plan.:(
I lost my weight over a year, and was totally in control for that entire year, and didn't binge once. I stuck to ww every single day and lost weight every single week. I have been maintaining since Oct 09, and was great until xmas, but since then have struggled. I swing from binging to almost starving myself, so have still maintained my weightloss but its really really unhealthy, I know. It wasn't that bad til the last few weeks, now I am having a real major binge once or twice a week - I mean literally eating all round me til theres no food left!!! And I feel so so sick when I do it. Last night was the last time - I am determined to regain control. I honestly believed that after going so long with full control that I had beat the binge - but clearly not. And to be honest I am gutted that I have slipped. I think thats the problem - I decided that I would go off plan at xmas - but I went wayyyyyy off plan and was very disapointed with myself. Since then I have been carrying around so many feelings of disapointment, disgust, etc at myself that I can't seem to pull myself out of that, so am just feeding those feelings with more binging. Does that make sense? Throughout the year that I lost the weight, I actually started to learn to like, and dare I say it - even love myself - I looked after myself for the first time in my life, but as soon as I slipped at xmas I right away went back to hating myself - just like that. Weird how the mind works.
i would agree with long term bingeing making you feel crp about yourself and then you dont think there is any point or way you can get back on track. i struggled for a week which is the longest ive been off plan for. i just coulnt get it together, but now i am on day 2 of being back on ww 100%, not going over points at all. Something i also have not been able to do for weeks. And tbh it feels brilliant. i think i needed that time off to get me back on it.

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