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What have been the positives of your week?


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Hi all,
I see a lot of things here about cheating and struggling ( have posted myself about the struggles) but lets have some positive energy to get us through. So lets share some positive comments, thoughts, moments to keep us all lifted:D

Mine: I am loving the way my body is showing me the results of my mental effort to change things:D
over to you..........
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Im liking the fact that people are begining to notice and complement me x
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hi guys, i am enjoying the comments from freinds and colleagues it really gives you that boost.
I was told by a female friend last night that I was gorgeous. I was also told by a very young man (36) I am 55 lol, that I was stunning!!!
I have lost a bra size.... yeahhhhhhh, not cup size but width size.
I wore a size 20 skirt and top.
Apart from having a stinking cold I feel radiant and so much better than I did 8 weeks ago, and 40lbs heavier.
Lynne x
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I just love the compliments that people are starting to make. One of the drivers told me that I was fit yesterday at work. Another positive for me last week was I bought a pair of size 14 jeans and they fit :D


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i got a compliment from a girl at work on Thursday (who until then seemed to be giving me 'evils' whenever she glanced my way... it could've just been her face though - lol)
Well had a "family fun night" in my parents house playing the Wii and my bf told me at the end of the night that although he doesn't think i need/needed to lose any weight and although he's not a huge LT fan, he said he couldn't keep his eyes off me! Said i looked sensational:p
I was VERY happy lol i know he always fancied me and would no matter what but he said it in a completely "not just trying to get some" kinda way, it was really sweet!:rolleyes:
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I got a job!!!!!!!!

I decided I needed a little Christmas job to earn some money coz there isn't much supply teaching work out there and my teenage daughter took my CV into a few high street shops last weekend. I was asked to go for an interview on Wednesday (with 5 others - 4 16 year olds and another not much older!) and was offered a temorary job!!!! It's only 2 short shifts a week but it's better than nothing and it is in a shop I haven't shopped in for ages coz I was just too fat!!!!!

Teenage daughter is gutted but is going to out her CV in tomorrow! We could end up working together!!! Don't think she is keen on that! After 2 weeks I get staff discount so will be restocking my wardrobe! (may wait till the sales though!)

It was such an ego boost - despite all the teenagers there who I am old enough to be the mothers of! In fact 2 of them knew my daughter!

I have been dieting for just over a month, started Lipotrim last week.
I was a size 24 when I started dieting, while looking through my wardrobe the other day I came across a pair of Jeans I had bought last year size 20, I never was able to fit in them so they just sat there in the back of the wardrobe.
I tried them on and they fitted, that gave me a beaming smile all day.


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My most positive thing this week is a bit of a negative really - but a good one. :D I've got nothing to Wear !!!!

All my things are starting to hang and getting to the stage where they look silly. I don't really want to go out and buy loads of new stuff as I have a long journey ahead, but if I don't sort out something soon it could get embarrasing.:):)
2 of the 3 girls who work in the Body Shop in town were flirting *ourageously* with me when I went in to buy my mum a bday pressie.
Must be the confidence boost, as only 7lbs down I don't look any different in my clothes yet! lol

Funny how it took me a full 20mins to "decide" what to buy heheheh ;)


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This thread is a great idea!
My pozzies this week have been:-
  • My husband really noticed a difference in how I look, and he won't say anything unless it's obvious :D
  • I'm in size 16 jeans, and 24s were too tight before!! :bliss:
  • I took 4 bin bags of too large clothes to the Marie Curie Hospice shop :clap:
  • Moving about feels easy, and no pain in my knees and back :happy036:
  • After a "wobble" my friend and I are even more commited to LT :girlpower:
So, all in all, a good week!! xxxx

rainbow brite

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After really struggling with my restart I'm finally back in the swing of things and am loving LT!! :party0011:
Great idea Angie!
I've had a slip-up today, but all in all i'm pleased with my progress all week! I put on 4 stone after bubs 3 & 4 very quickly, & have really struggled to lose it, so this diet is a god-send.
I've a few nice skirts that have been hung up in my wardrobe for too long, hardly worn. I tried on an 18 today that went on but was v/tight! Couldn't have sat down lol, but i'm goina be init for Christmas! x

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Thanks you sweetness :) x


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Am loving all this positive energy :D