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what is wrong with my scales?


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i have some ww digital scales, they are in the bathroom which is tiled flooring, now i got on them this morning and it showed 279.2 then got on 2 mins later to make sure and it came up 280.6 then got on again and it showed 280.4 :confused: now whats going on? could anyone possibly explain what these scales are playing at?
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Hi Assj,
I also have the ww digital scales, also on ceramic flooring.
Mine jump about like you wouldn't believe, I can literally weigh myself 3 times and get 3 different readings! (and I'm talking a good few pounds!)
I have tried new batteries, moving them to a different room and standing them on a 'cut to size' piece of marble worktop, all to no avail!
Mine weigh a good 3lb heavier than the scales at the G.P.'s so now I stick to going to boots once a week!
They still call out to me everyday though and like a fool I climb onboard to hope and pray that they show the slightest downward movement.
I take it as a form of domestic abuse. 'My scales lie to me'. Im sure there must be a group for this? lol.
I have esactly the same porblem, but not ww scales. I have found the only way to deal with it is to get on and off just the once and accept that figure - yes i still weigh myself morning noon and night , but just the once otherwise my head will explode!!
Did you know that you should NEVER leave ANY scales in the bathroom?
The dampness and steam can really mess up your ditigal display or make the needle (old style) stick.

Best place is on an even hardwood or tiled floor away from dampness. Kitchen comes to my mind.... :)

Hope this helps


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Its that fact that they're digital. I contacted the makers of my scales when this happened and was told that it came take up to 15mins for the scales to 're-set' (they used some technical term, but thats what they meant!) after weighing in. I said 'but what about slimming clubs that weigh person after person?' and was told that they would recommend that 'spring' scales are used in that instance.

Bottom line- weigh yourself once, get off and write it down. 0.whatever of a lb isn't going to make one button of difference!

A litre of water weighs 2lbs!!


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I have WW digital scales too and mine tend to change readings if I keep getting off and on again, so like IrishMum said, I now just weigh myself once a week, on the same day, at the same time, in the same place and stick with that reading.
I don't have the WW scales but could recommend the Salter Mibody scales, they're not exactly cheap at £59.99 but they are the best thing I ever bought. They are digital and do a full body analysis from 2 metal strips where you place your feet they send some current through your body and somehow get all your stats they come with a USB flash drive thingy-me-dingler and a program for your pc so you can track all your info, and I can jump on and off them 10 times in 2 minutes and they always read the same.

I never knew about the bathroom affecting scales, luckily I've always kept mine under the cupboard in the kitchen, just need to make sure the kitchen blinds are closed if you wanna do a naked weigh in :D

That sounds like a nightmare! Got to say my Salter digital scales are very accurate. I am 2/3 pounds heavier than on my old scales, so not quite sure which is correct (probably digital knowing my luck!!).
Hi, newbie here!

I weighed myself on my sister's WW digital scales and got readings spanning almost a stone. Which was annoying. I'm happy to see it's not her scales though - all the weigh ins were done one after another (just to be sure!) so were well inside the 15min reset whatsit time limit.


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all the weigh ins were done one after another (just to be sure!) so were well inside the 15min reset whatsit time limit.
I think you misunderstood my post- they were saying it took 15mins for the scales to re-set themselves before they'd give another accurate reading. Any weigh-ins done within 15mins would be all over the place. Which in my experience is the case!


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My digital scales have always consistently weighed me at 4 lbs heavier than the scales at my Lighter Life place. However I just tried weighing myself several times in a row and they gave gloriously inconsistent readings. I would however conclude that the digital scales at Lighter Life seem not to do this so maybe it is partly the make of the scales (and no doubt their cost).

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