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What should we expect from our Cambridge diet counsellor

I am very happy with my cc,she is very nice and helpful,i can email here texts her any time of the day and she does get back to me when she can as she does work full time,if i need extra time at the meeting she allowes that no problem,if i need extra shakes bars i can pop around to her.
Is your cc like this?


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How much time should we have with our counsellor.

What should we be told .

What can we expect from our cambridge diet conseller if we are struggling .ie, can we phone them ?

Also are you happy with your Cambridge diet counsellor .
Totally, she ROCKS!
Been there done that... knows how i feel, doesnt make me feel bad, listens, chats, supports me.... what else do you need??

Elaine CDC Worcester by the way!

Mine , no i don't get long at all , and also she is sorting out her kids while dealing with me, also no talk about the diet . i get 15 mins . How long do you get ? There is no offer of calls or text or email


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mine's great, made me feel at ease straight away, I guess I'm there about 30 mins. I've never needed to call/email outside of my meeting time but the offer was there, so i can if I need to.

I'm sure yours wouldn't mind you calling/emailing, she might just not have thought to actually say it.. but if you're unhappy with what you're getting you could see if there is someone else in your area?
Hi Liz .
She has her fingers in too many pies , and really i know she does not have much time . There is another one in my area . I just wanted fedback from people here to make my mind up , i thought is it me ? what am i expecting ? so thats why i needed to post this thread , so today i make my mind up.


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to be honest it sounds like you need to change. some people might not need much support so she might be great for them, but if you don't feel confident then it's definitely worth checking out the other CDC and seeing if they would be better for you.
You need to feel comfortable with your CDC. If you decide to change it might be worth telling your current CDC the reason why, she may not even realise there is a problem.

Have you ever mentioned it to her?
I just get cross knowing they get money for selling CD and really don't want to do it for the right reason , which its , saying hey i got that person to goal , not so much doing it for money , with this we have to set time , also offer people time out of the meeting,s if they need an extra bit of help .
CD Counseller
I know its a case of i don't have much time , i get the order form pushed under my nose as soon as i'm weighed and then she stands up as if to say ok meeting over , but in that time of 15 mins shes talking about her pets and telling her kids off every few mins , great meeting , don't you think ?
She really does need to be told that you are unhappy. If you are not comfortable in doing this then as you say you have another counsellor nearby.

However, if she is not told she will carry on like this.

If you are disatisfied and move to another counsellor it is of course your right to contact head office and let them know of your disatisfaction.

Mine is also rubbish! I get 10 minutes if i'm lucky, she always seems to be eager to get rid of me. When i ask her advice she does'nt seem to know, i told her last week about making icecream with the tetra's and she did'nt have a clue what i was talking about. I've asked her for the magazine and again she just looks at me with a blank expression. She never say's well done or gives words of support, she is just someone i can get my weeks supply from. I definatley know more about the diet than her from this site alone. This is the second cdc i've been to the first was worse, she did'nt even weigh me. I've looked for others but unless i travel about 30 miles there is no more near me.
Joanne , Yes i guess they are just in it for the money these two , there side line . you really have to want to help someone to get to goal . Can i ask you how much does she charge you for 21 packs ?
Sorry to hear that Joanne .
Hi Linda , yes telling her i know is right , but i also know there will never be any more time with people she sells it to .


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mine is fab

she totally understands my lifestyle and that i sometimes need to rearrange
she makes me feel every welcome and comfortable in her home
she makes relevant notes so that we dont just track my weightloss but why things are good or why its not so good
she is great at communication - not just phone/email but here at minis
she has really made an effort to learn about me - what makes me succeed at ss and what makes me fail - and she tells me off when i need it ( cause i told her thats what works for me ) and celebrates with me when its warranted
she is very supportive and understanding and she treats me as a human not a dieting machine
she keeps a stock of everything - doesnt overcharge-

ill say it again
shes fab

( 'jane' in worcester and right here on this forum )
The only way we can ensure that CDC's all work to the same standard is by customers notifying Head Office of problems.

They can then investigate and monitor to ensure the proper service is delivered.

It is essential your CDC works with you to ensure safe effective weightloss and long term maintenance.

I am sorry you have been disappointed with the service you have received so far.

Megmax again same applies, however, with you it has been 2 CDCs:(

There are new counsellors being trained all the time so contact the Freephone number 0800 161412 (not all counsellors are on the website) and maybe there will be another near you.
just started with mine a wee bit out the way but she seems really nice but time will tell xx

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