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What's everyone been eating?

The WW part of this site has a similar thread so I thought i'd start one here for ideas and inspiration!

I've only had one meal so far today but it was gorgeous - i'm on a green day, I had this as brunch as I got up late :)

Spanish omelette - In a frying pan, fry sliced peppers and onion in fry light until soft, then add sliced tinned potatoes and arrange evenly. Pour over 2 beaten eggs and cook until set. Sprinkle 28g cheddar (B choice) over the top then put the pan under the grill until the cheese is melted and the omelette is set. I had mine with tinned spaghetti as I had no baked beans! It was gorgeous!

Not sure what to have for tea - might have quorn spaghetti bolognese with improvised 'garlic bread' as my other B choice...
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Hi, i'm just going to toast 3 slices of weight watchers bread as a B choice, mix some low fat spread with finely chopped garlic cloves, and spread it on the toast and cut it into triangles, and grill a little to melt it in - yum! The spread will be a few syns but will have to look it up!


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That sounds lovely - I have made a note to have it myself one night for tea. I've been having omlette alot lately but never actually thought about having it on a green day with the potatoes in. That actually sounds right up my street!

I am on red today and for tea I had a massive plate of mixed lettuce bits with a jacket potato (b choice) with a frylight stir fry on yesterdays left over chicken with mushrooms and sprinkle of sweetcorn (syns) and plenty of salt and pepper. Used a bit of waistline salad dressing and it was absolutly lovely. I feel totally stuffed now!
Oh dear, went off the rails a bit today...I only had one hours sleep as I was up all night doing uni work, then had to go to uni at 6:30am, didn't get home until 8:20pm, so had to eat on the go, which involved a big ploughmans bap (but no mayo at least!) and when I got home I had 4 pancakes for pancake day, but they were delicious! (3 with lemon and sugar, one with nutella and sliced banana, how naughty!)

Back on the wagon tomorrow, no uni so will be very good!
well that's given me lots of ideas already. had forgotten about eggs. are they free on red and green? can't remember..
i've been back on sw about two wekes and very boring and lazy, living on jacket spuds and pasta with veg and tomato-based sauces. need some variety now if i'm to stick to it so any easy recipes gratefully accepted!
Yep eggs are free on both, I am about to make spaghetti carbonara from this months SW magazine

Cooked spaghetti mixed with 85g cooked bacon (B choice) chopped up and mixed with v. low fat fromage frais, beaten eggs and seasoning, topped with cheese (28g cheddar B choice).

I haven't eaten anything today, been mucking out then riding my horse for an hour and a half so can't wait!
Another yummy recipe from today - I made this to take to uni with me for this afternoon, but it wouldn't all fit in my lunchbox so I ate the last bit, yummy and very filling!

Rice cooked in boiling water with a chicken oxo cube crumbled in (0.5 syns I think) for 15 mins, then a few mins before the end, add sliced onion (i used red onion) and sliced mushrooms. About 1 minute before the end, add 113g cooked chicken (B choice), and serve! I used just enough water so the rice completely absorbed it, it's so good!


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I'm still umming and arring whether to do SW or Paul McKenna so my days right now are a bit of both!! Tonight is a Green SW meal though - a bowl of pasta mixed with red kidney beans, peas, sweetcorn and a tablespoon of vegan mayonnaise (4 syns).

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