What's everyone having for tea??


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Hi Guys!

I had to make a new post to see what everyone's doing for their tea as I'm REALLY excited to make the oven-baked red pepper risotto that Circes posted the link to in the recipe forum.

I'm going to add some bacon too!

I hope its yummy!! will let you know how I get on :p

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I have had a chicken in the slow cooker all day so I am having that with broccoli,carrots and leeks (and of course a splash of gravy!!)
DH and DS will get mash too but am on a red day.
Am out tonight so planning a cheeky 1/2 cider too (synned of course!)


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i cant have anything:(...my son made me two of those little dairylea cheese and ham lunchables(he's only 6 and likes to share)and gave me half a bar of flake AND i had half a small can of vimto regular....im aiming for my 3lb loss this week to get my 2st award at weigh-in this thursday so gotta be careful now:)xx


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I am having the bolognese pasta bake from Slimming Eats; BritMumInCanada's recipe site.

I must say the bolognese is on the hob now and smells beyond delicious!! Far nicer than the normal bolognese I make!!


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Were having tomato and red pepper soup, I shall have my HEb bread with it and dp will have the fancy rolls I bought him. Got all of my syns to use still so will be having a nice treat this evening :)


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mmmm all sounds yummy!! I'm hoping my risotto turns out okay...went a bit mad and accidently poured in all the stock when I should have left 100ml for the end! OOPS!!

I'm yet to make a chilli! I love having tortilla chips with mine, anyone know of a good way of making them??



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Potato wedges, beans and quorn sausages ...yum xx


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Chicken, Mushroom and Onion Quiche with a Rice Salad :)


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Very boring here - I've just had a jacket potato with baked beans followed by sugar free jelly with strawberries.


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Mmmm yummy, we're havin hot and sour thai stir fry with boiled rice. yum yum yum!

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Salmon fillet and prawns with roasted med veg - yum! xxx