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What's everyone having for tea??

Hi Guys!

I had to make a new post to see what everyone's doing for their tea as I'm REALLY excited to make the oven-baked red pepper risotto that Circes posted the link to in the recipe forum.

I'm going to add some bacon too!

I hope its yummy!! will let you know how I get on :p

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I have had a chicken in the slow cooker all day so I am having that with broccoli,carrots and leeks (and of course a splash of gravy!!)
DH and DS will get mash too but am on a red day.
Am out tonight so planning a cheeky 1/2 cider too (synned of course!)


wannabe yummy-mummy:P
i cant have anything:(...my son made me two of those little dairylea cheese and ham lunchables(he's only 6 and likes to share)and gave me half a bar of flake AND i had half a small can of vimto regular....im aiming for my 3lb loss this week to get my 2st award at weigh-in this thursday so gotta be careful now:)xx
I am having the bolognese pasta bake from Slimming Eats; BritMumInCanada's recipe site.

I must say the bolognese is on the hob now and smells beyond delicious!! Far nicer than the normal bolognese I make!!
Were having tomato and red pepper soup, I shall have my HEb bread with it and dp will have the fancy rolls I bought him. Got all of my syns to use still so will be having a nice treat this evening :)
mmmm all sounds yummy!! I'm hoping my risotto turns out okay...went a bit mad and accidently poured in all the stock when I should have left 100ml for the end! OOPS!!

I'm yet to make a chilli! I love having tortilla chips with mine, anyone know of a good way of making them??

Chicken, Mushroom and Onion Quiche with a Rice Salad :)


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Very boring here - I've just had a jacket potato with baked beans followed by sugar free jelly with strawberries.
Mmmm yummy, we're havin hot and sour thai stir fry with boiled rice. yum yum yum!
Salmon fillet and prawns with roasted med veg - yum! xxx


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Mmmm yummy, we're havin hot and sour thai stir fry with boiled rice. yum yum yum!
That sounds fab. Is the stir fry SW friendly & do you have the recipe?
I've had courgette curry and rice with yoghurt raita & SW lime pickle. Totally syn free. Fresh pineapple for pud. Yum

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