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Whats this all about?!!


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Well guys and girls I'm on day 12 and OMG i've hit the hunger wall...
week one was great felt fab!, spurred people on telling them to keep going etc but now i feel sick with hunger!!, weekends are harder but i've nearly eaten 4 times today and in my head i'm telling me that i could always just eat healthy and loose weight (Like its that easy!).
feeling like this isn't for me!!:break_diet:
Need to practice what i preach but can't LOL xxx
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I will be skinny again!!!
you will have days like this chick!

Its in your head that you are hungry... I found drinking black coffee helped me brilliantly!!!


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I'm on day 9 and have just got to the same thing. Mind you i think mine was self inflicted, i've just sat here and watched 5 episodes of come dine with me! And just went into the kitchen and opened the fridge...why? I have no idea!! Think i need to be watching supersize v superskinny instead!! Its just one of those days honey! You know you can get through it! Do you have any plans for tonight?xx


Here we go again!
Don't worry about it, we all get days like that. My hubby is about to eat some cheese and onion crisps right next to me but hey, that's why we're on this, to control our bad eating habits.

These days will come and go, but don't give in, you are doing really well and don't want to ruin it all now. Keep going, you will be fine.
Hang on in there Yumyum, you can't blow it now, you get weighed on Monday and when you step on the scales and see how much weight you have lost it will spur you on.
Just think of all that yummy healthy food that awaits us after lipotrim that we can eat with our new slim bodies.......keep strong hun, you can do it and tomorrow is a brand new day.


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Thanks Girls, i'm drinking black coffee it's taken off the worse hunger pang!, just really shocked me as i thought week one was going to be the hardest...
I hope my weigh in on monday spurs me on but i just dont feel like i've lost much if any been doing lots of walking but must admit felt rather light headed...how people work out in the gym is beyond me ha ha ha xx


I will be skinny again!!!
lol just take it easy!

Keep it up chick :) and im sure you have lost :)


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ahhh glad to see the worst is over!

the majority of us get hunger pangs on the odd days but you've just gota think of the bigger picture and how fab youre guna look at the end :D

You are doing well - keep it up :D x
Ta Girlies...at work at the mo jumped on the scales and i've lost 2lb...which i know is good but OMG i wanted more...stuck to it religiously aswell...
The last choc chip muffin looks soooooooo temptimg lol now!!
roll on 10 pm so i can go to bed this weekend has been Rubbish!!!!
Hope you feel better after work. Tommorrows another day.


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Think i need to be watching supersize v superskinny instead!!
I watched that the other day and it actually helped me stick with the diet because I had such bad hunger pangs. Watching the programme made me think...uh uh, no way! And I was as good as gold! :D:D:D


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Good luck for this morning Toni!! :) xx

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