What's your food looked like today?


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I don't know about anyone else but I find that sometimes I get a bit stuck in a routine and have the same things and so I end up getting bored. I thought a thread where we post what we've had each day might help give us all ideas, maybe different ways to do things. Maybe that's just be but I'm sure it'll soon die a death if none of you are interested!

So for me...

Lunch: Curry pack
Mid afternoon: Bigger truffa bar (YUM!!!)
Dinner: Chicken casserole (chicken, 100g swede, 50g mushroom and 50g leek in veg bullion done in the slow cooker)
Evening: Strawberry shake (frozen so that it goes like ice cream)

What have/are you having today?
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Good idea for a thread!!!!

I'm a bit behind today as i had a lay in!

But so far:

Breakfast: (I "missed" as i was fast asleep! Hahaha!! ) Coffee
Lunch: Tomato "crisps"
Dinner: 100g chicken, with 200g mixed roasted veg (Shallots, mushrooms, courgette and swede) Yum!!!
Evening snack: Banana "ice cream" and coconut bar!! (That's the plan!) xxxx

Lord LuLu

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Breakfast - 1/2 a milk caramel shake
Morning snack - coke zero & 3 sugar free werthers
Lunch - coconut bar
Dinner - Mushroom pasta with cauli, broccoli and mushrooms with 100g chopped chicken.
Pudding - 'cake mix' 1/2 choc crispy shake mixed to the consistency of cake mix!

606 cals, 40g carbs, 16g fat & 71g protein according to MFP. Everything I had was delicious, call this a diet!


Repeat Offender
S: 20st3.5lb C: 19st13.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.41%)
I know what you mean LuLu! Everyone's food looks lovely!

For me today...

Lunch: Spaghetti pack with added pepper and garlic
Mid afternoon: Truffa bar
Dinner: S&S 'roast' - chicken fillet, 100g swede with a few sprays of fry light, 50g cauliflower, 50g broccoli - undecided about a little trickle of gravy at the moment!
Evening/Dessert: Frozen chocolate shake with the mousse powder

According to MFP - 651 cals and 53g carbs