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What's your reason - and be honest!

I kind of stumbled upon this fabulous site and am amazed that there are so many people on here doing so many different diets, and it's great that i'm not alone.

It did get me thinking though, obviously I know why I want to lose weight, I hate being fat and even though i'm a grown up, people still use my size against me, it's pathetic, but enough to spur me into doing something about it. And I cant wait until I see those horrible people again once I am slim so they can marvel at how wonderful I look!

But I wonder, what is everyone elses reason for dieting........? What actually spurred you into it this time? and be honest!!!

(I'm going to post this on as many boards as I can to try and get answers from people doing all the different diets, i'll let you know the outcome!)
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lots of different reasons for me!

1. i don't want my kids to grow up embarrassed by me :(

2. i want to be able to wear what i want without making sure every square inch of me is covered from public view! lol

3. i don't want to be the fattest one in the room - EVERY time :eek:

4. i want to be able to do stuff like swimming and cycling (don't do it now cos i always think people are staring)

5. i want to be able to shop for clothes in ANY shop (including topshop!)


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I want to get married to my OH and have another baby before I'm too old (I'm 37). Frankly my OH told me he wouldn't marry me or have another child unless I lost some weight. I'm diabetic, have high cholesterol and an under active thyroid and he was worried about the impact of my weight on my health as I get older. he basically told me that he doesn't want to have to be my carer when we're older simply because I'm fat and never did anything about it. He's been blunt and quite hurtful....but it worked. If I want these things then I have to do something about my weight. I lost my first stone at the beginning of last November and we got engaged at the end of November. We're going to start trying for a baby in October (OH set the date) and we're getting married in 2011.


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I want to be able to try a theme park ride WITHOUT first mentally sizing people infront of me in the line to ensure I could fit the ride when I get there

I want to be able to buy cheaper clothing from ANY shop but clothing I actually LIKE rather than what will fit / skim on me

I want to feel I blend in rather than stand out as the fattest person wherever I am

I HOPE to gain more self confidence with weight loss - we'll see!



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Very inspiring thread!

I've always hated my body & have felt fat & horrible for years, I suffered with depression years ago and since then have struggled with my weight but never really done anything about it. After having my daughter I was 13 stone and although it doesnt sound that big, to me it felt it & I hated my body even more. I'd look in the mirror and cry cos I hated what i saw, it really began to get to me more than ever before.

I lost some weight due to breastfeeding (about 17lb) but a couple of months ago I decided i'd had enough of hating my body & did something about it, joined slimming world! I'm now 16lb off my initial target of 10stone & then I will reasses and see if I want to loose a little bit more, recently when I look in the mirror that feeling of disgust has faded & i'm beginning to love myself more each day which is a massive massive step for me as I think alot of my problem over the years has been the way i percieve myself more than anything.

So the reason I joined slimming world is because I wanted to learn to love myself :)


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I want to be able to try a theme park ride WITHOUT first mentally sizing people infront of me in the line to ensure I could fit the ride when I get there
ooh oooh oooooh! me toooo! :D i SO know that feeling! LOL

i'm off to alton towers on 5th july and thank GOODNESS they've trial seats at the entrance of a couple of rides :eek: still not convinced i'll fit on any of them, even though i had no trouble in disneyland paris... but i think they're probably more generous over there :sigh:


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I put on weight this time round because i packed in smoking. I want to get back to my original weight because i feel better in myself, i like my body shape and the way my clothes fit when i am a size 10.

I am a physically fit person so for me, its not about the health risks in terms of blood pressure etc, however i know that even being a few pounds over weight can put an increased strain on your heart.

Im getting married in Antigua in 2011 and i want to look my best for then as well.


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G: 11st0lb
-Cos I hate everything about myself...
-Im the last person on my fathers side of the family without diabetes, and I dont want it...
-cos I want my OH to look at me and not look disgusted and disappointed....
-I want to go dancing without looking like an Easter Egg with legs....
-I want to learn to swim...
you DO realise that this list could go on ALL day lol


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VANITY MORE THAN ANYTHING WITH ME BUT AT LEAST I'M HONEST LOL i like how i look when i am a teni want to see out the rest of my twenties slim and knowing i look good, i miss going out and thinking yeah you look really nice , and also my new fella is thin the old one wasn so it didn't matter as much hehe


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my mum and nan has / had weight induced diabetes

i dont want my boys to have a fat mum

i want to get into my size 14 jeans

i want my husband to see me looking decent for once, not what i have squeezed into.

i want to be more adventerous :cool: ;)

he he he


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1. Curiosity - I have never been the correct weight for my height - always been "obese" since I can remember; 6 or 7 years old. And I have no idea what that looks or feels like; then again this could be the reason why I always sabotage myself after 6-8 weeks!
2. To have an operation on my knee that might ease my disability slightly
3. To buy clothes out a normal shop, not just SimplyBe online, late at night with the lights off. Or looking in the mens section for so many X's it should have an 18 certificate! I would love to see a top and go ooh I like that and not being disappointed they only go up to a 22 (I'm a 26)
4. To prevent getting diabetes (like my Mum and Dad), high blood pressure, high colestarol etc., etc.


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I did it before.

I put it all on plus 1/2 stone.

Did it again.

Put it all on plus another 1/2 stone.

I have a wardrobe full of clothes from the first time, that I can't wear.

Have you ever seen a pole dancing bowl of jelly?


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1. to be able to go out and not be ridiculed.
2. to not be an embarresment to family, and to go out with them becuse they want me to and not because they have to ask me.
3. and to be fit and healthy.
4. so many to write i have so many reasons, so why cant i get off my backside and do it
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What a great thread!

Mine are:

1. I don't want Molly to have a fat mom!
2. I want to look good in clothes and feel comfortable
3. I want my OH to fancy me again :(
4. I want to feel good about myself
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I could have written a lot of others' reasons myself!

Mine are many, but include:

  • When people describe me, I don't want them to say 'the fat one', 'the chubby one' 'the curvy girl' etc.
  • To be healthy and live a long life.
  • I want to stop being obsessed about the size of my belly.
  • I want to wear a great pair of jeans and look foxxxxy.
  • To not be 'the fat friend'
  • To not feel self conscious when I eat something and worry about people thinking 'ooh she shouldn't be eating that'!
  • I want my OH to be able to lift me up, you know...all romantic styleee...
  • So when I get pregnant eventually, that I am healthy and give my baby the best start in life.
  • etc. etc. etc


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Im at a bit of a rut in my life, I did 4 years at uni and have been looking for a job now for over a year with no luck at all. Me and my OH are stuck in a little flat that we dont like that much anymore with noisy neighbours but we cant move until i get a new job. I hate my current job of Supermarket Supervisor. My OH wont propose to me (been together 7 years) until I get a new job (so that we could afford a wedding) and I really want to get married and start a family within the next 4/5 years.
Due to all of this, I decided that something needed to change to improve my mood, the only thing right now I have control over is my weight and so I decided to do something about it. This of course is then helping me find more confidence in getting a new job, I will hopefully be my target weight when i do get proposed to and get married and i will be healthy when I start a family. I think thats about it!!!!!

Andy R.

Time for a change
damn this threads getting deep, but all seems to come down that we want to feel better about ourselves.
For most of my life since my teens ive been up and down with my weight. sometimes quite healthy ( for me at least) and other times as big as 23 stone ( very bad times lol). it all seems to be abit of a cycle. But i'm sick of selling myself sort. I know im capable of better and sometimes its hard to reach inside and grab it. We end up using our weight as an excuse for not trying or believing. At the moment im trying to grasp opportunities and throwing myself at thing just to test myself. ive also noticed that the more stay active or busy. the less inclined i am too eat. So for me i want to be better then i was 6 months ago and better then i now. i want to be able to not have anything hold me back. Or use my weight as a reason. oh and another reason. i wanna be able to walk into a club and talk to a girl without fear that she'll think i'm not worth her time. shallow but true lol
80% of deciding to do this is to help my husband to loose weight as i dont want/need to loose much and only had a baby 5 weeks ago so need to get healthy and for all of us to eat better, this is prob not making sense really lol

charlotte x


I am one of the 63336
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I'm not happy with what I see when I look at myself. I somehow don't have health issues (besides the obesity) and I don't want them.

I have a 'problem' in that my wonderful OH and my son don't see a fat person when they look at me but my OH has said he will help me to lose weight as he wants me to be as happy with myself as he is with me.

We are setting up home together in August and have agreed to eat healthily and go for a walk most nights (will be living overlooking the sea).

I don't want to lose weight to be able to parade around in skimpy clothes and not fussed whether people look at me or not - but I want to be happy with me.


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I want to loose weight because:

I want to be a good example for my children.

I want to look and feel atractive.

I want to regain my confidence.

I love having enough energy to get through the day.

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