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When do you really notice?

So ive lost 22lb now and i still feel like a hippo. I lost 7 1/2 this week so i must be doing well..I dont feel any diff really, i mean my clothes are fitting better and ive squeezed into a smaller jean but i thought i would be able to notice it a bit more? Maybe im being stupid and wont notice untill it gets to like 3/4 stone off?
When did everyone notice, also how much did u drop before u was fitting into smaller sizes?
Thanks guys xx
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We started at about the same weight and have lost around the same... I feel exactly the same!!!

My Mum tells me she thinks that when you get to a certain size the fat thickens in density, which is why it takes a bit more effort to lose inches. I have no idea whether there is any logic in this but I have noticed that my fat areas are more wobbly than usual, same size but not as dense... So maybe that is the case.

Then again I could be kidding myself, but it is making me feel better about not being able to see any difference, so that is my Mums theory and I'm sticking to it!!! xxx
You know sayin that my other half told me how wobbley my belly is getting. Yeah you know nice thing to say haha ! I know i still got a long way to go yet but just thought i would notice abit more,, Ahh well who knows i might wake up a size 12 in the morning haha xx
If you pray hard enough the diet gods might hear you and make that wish come true... Make sure you mention my name too!!!
I feel exactly the same as you!
I have lost 40lbs and hardly look any different and certainly don't feel any different. I know I have lost some from my belly and my face looks thinner (people have told me!) but I thought I would have dropped a size or 2 by now but nope. Started as a 22/24, still a 22 now so not much difference at all, annoying isn't it!
Ahhh so you have not dropped a size? I was hoping to drop a size by now> Just shows i have never dieted before and have no clue how it works?! How much have people had to lose before you dropped a size ??
Ive lost nearly 4 stone and dropped 4 clothes sizes. Its usually for every stone you lose you lose a clothes size, but it all depends on how 'big' you were at the start, where you carry your body fat and if you exercise.
I exercise dailey so I should think ill be dropping another clothes size before I will stone.
I started to see a difference after my first stone was dropped. x

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I started noticing after my first 10 pounds, and then my size seemed to change every 15-20 pounds. I feel really different now 35lbs down but there's still a while to go. Hopefully it'll kick in soon for you :)
My friend started as a size 18 and for every stone she has lost she has dropped a dress size. My other friend started as a size 24 she has lost more than me and is still a 24. I started as a size 22 I've lost two stone and I'm still mostly a size 22 although I can pull my jeans on and off without undoing them, but not quite into size 20's yet.

So I think the stone for a dress size only applies for those lucky size 18's and under. For bigger dress sizes it's a couple of stone for each size.
I started at a size 20-22 and have managed to go down a stone a dress size. I think it has more to do with where the weight is carried and exercise.
I think it completely depends on where you loose the weight, i posted this question in the WW section the other day and most people were saying generally a stone to a dress size, but obviously not everyone. You have lost a lot of weight - be proud! You proberly look different to others, and you should feel much better as well! 22lb off! thats amazing! :) x
I haven't noticed a pattern with going down in clothes sizes (probably because I'm trying not to buy new clothes all the time and just wear the ones that are too big), but I have noticed that I go through phases of wobblyness!
Like my tummy (for example) will go a lot more jiggly then a couple of weeks later I can notice that it looks smaller, but is also kind of firmer fat too. It sounds bizarre I know but hopefully someone will know what I mean
I can never notice my weight loss, so when I started this time I had my bf take photos from 3 different angles and decided to do the same every 4 weeks. This has helped me see I've lost weight and motivated me to keep going. I just wish I'd done it all those other times I've tried to lose weight!:rolleyes:

As for sizes, I was squeezing into a size 18 at my heaviest, when I was probably at least a 20 and I'm now a 16. Some 16s are loose on me, others I can't do up, so I'm trying not to focus too much on dress size at the moment as they vary so much from shop to shop! In saying that I was elated the other day when I managed to fit comfortably into a pair of Primark super skinny jeans in a 16!:8855:
hi there, I tend to notice weight loss with regard to looser fitting clothes after I have lost about a stone! People have already been commenting and asking if I have lost weight but I do not see or feel it as yet! I agree with others above it depends on your body!

Sharkbait1983 x
I have noticed with my Bras! First I had to use a tighter hook and now I am down a full size, from a 50 to a 48. My waistbands are looser on my trousers and I have given up wearing a couple of my baggy tops as they fall of the shoulder. Sizes, I was in size 28 and am getting more comfortable in a size 24. When I am dressing I can see the difference in the slightly smaller rolls of fat on my tum, still not a pretty sight :eek:
i first noticed the weight loss on the top of my legs. i feel lighter all over and now get lots of compliments but i had a set back last night when i saw photo's taken of me which was also last night and i look so fooking fat in them. got so depressed that i stuffed my face with devil food :mad:
back on track today though.
There are different gaps between sizes, so that may explain the discrepancy!

Personally I have never ever ever noticed when I lose weight, even when I lost three stone (from 18-->15).
I think sometimes it depends what clothes you're wearing when you start out. For instance, when I re-started in January I was wearing a 24, but if I'm honest with myself, they were old, well worn 24s that had probably stretched over the previous couple of months, and even then they were getting tight.
So really, I suppose I should've used a size 26 as my starting point, because that's what size I probably really was at the start, rather than a 24 (hence the long wait to 'drop' a dress size when shopping for new clothes).

Admittedly, it is VERY frustrating when you don't see the clothes sizes dropping (I'm still in a 20-22 having lost over 3 stone) but the difference I feel in myself is the biggest incentive.
Finally it feels like my body is doing what I want it to do without huffing and puffing over ever minor activity - and I can paint my toenails again without feeling like some kind of contortionist ;)
I started a size 20/22 and am now size 16/18 after a 3 stone loss.

Quite a few people I see fairly regularly have not noticed at all but then I have not mentioned being on a diet so maybe they are afraid of offending me. :D

I think exercise really helps lose the inches and move down dress sizes, especially toning stuff like weights/body pump.

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