When I am slim I'd love to wear...


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...a really beautiful, floaty summer dress. I love dresses, but am always too shy to wear them out due to my size. When I'm slim I'll wear them all summer. When I reach a size 14 I'll buy myself this dress. What are you looking forward to wearing when you're slim?

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Well like you, I rarely if ever wore dresses or skirts before I started to lose weight.

I have a beautiful dress in size 12 waiting for me to slide into it, and have a couple of other dresses and skirts that I now wear as well.

I just want to be able to go shopping and know that I'm looking for 1 thing out of all the stuff that looks good on me, rather than trying to find the one thing that just doesnt look absolutely hideous!

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What beautiful dress - I am sure you will look stunning in it. I will have to buy myself a whole new wardrobe for the summer. I have tried not to go too made so far. I have gone from a size 18/20 to a size 12. I'm not really sure what to wear and still go for styles that hide my stomach and bottom which I am still paranoid about. Its a good idea to get something special the next size down - I bought myself a lovely dress for Chrismas and I felt really good wearing it. Clothes are a much better treat than food ever could be. I think I am due a reward - I'll have a look in the shops later.


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I want to tuck my tops into skirts rather than always hanging it over!
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When Im slim, hopefully by AUG this year i will be as my cousin is getting married. Seems a great opportunity to reveal the new me eh!! This is the dress I would love to wear!



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Oooo i love dresses and until i lost weight i NEVER wore them - but now i live in them - for work and for nights out!!

I never thought a dress would suit me but one day last summer i tried on a spotted dress from next and though wow!! I bought that and now have a collection of 29 dresses in my wardrobe lol...

Tonight i'm wearing a beautiful red dress that i bought from Hobbs xmas time - it's a marilyn monroe style, fitted to the waist and then flare skirt to the knees - it's great for dancing in!! It's red silk underneath with a very dark red chiffon over the top.. i love it soooo much!

Both dresses on this page are lush!! I wish i could wear strapless dresses but my boobs are way to big to wear strapless bras :eek:(


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Dont know why but I want to wear a white tshirt tucked into a pair of hipster levis and a really nice leather belt(havent worn a belt for years)



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Oooo I love this thread! I love fashion but you would never know that to look at me! I live in shapeless mumsy trousers, tops and jeans and the clothes I wear to work are awful!
For me my dream outfit is a well cut pair of really expensive trendy jeans with a little funky top and killer shoes, oh and a bag to match!

some day .......



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S: 191.2lb C: 176.6lb G: 147lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 14.6lb(7.64%)
small hipster knickers would be good!


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GO MIKE !!!Its not so much what as how I can wear something......with confidence.......Any colour thats not black.xBettyboo


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well I have gone down 4 dress sizes and now in a 26/28, as an extra incentive I brought myself a pair of jeans and a top in a 22, hopefully this will get me back on track.
I tried the top on and down to the waist it fitted lovely, then when it got to tummy and bum it would not go....so wonder how lons it will take me to get into them.....?

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Treefrog I just LOVE how you call the pics of clothes on your blog 'clothes porn' ROFL :):):):)

I just sleep with the next catalogue ;)