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Which is better? WW or LT??

WW is Weight Watchers and you eat normal food, which has a points value, you are allowed a certain amount of points dependant upon your starting weight. The usual weight loss is approx 2lbs per week. LT, as you know, is total food replacement so there is quite a difference. The difference in weight loss is huge as well. The normal weight loss on LT is around a stone a month, but could be slightly more. Hope this helps xx
thats gr8, ta. its jus that im wonderin how far i can go without actaully eatin no food. i suppose WW is more comfortable but LT has higher weight loss. i think ill stick with LT!!!
It just totally depends on what your preference is. As Cheryl said the losses on LT are on average around a stone a month, WW is around half a stone.

I know I couldnt take food out the equation to do any VLCD so I much prefer WW albeit its slower :) Other people much prefer the quicker results. Its whatever suits you and you can stick to

Good luck which ever one you decide to go with


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
S: 19st12lb G: 14st0lb
They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I've never tried WW properly so I'm giving neither for it...

Lipotrim for me is great because it is so strict, and it does wat it says on the tin. You know that if you eat ur 3 shakes everyday u will lose minimum of X every week. Plus, its very clear on portion size. I feel that by cutting out food altogether it is helping with my food addiction and helping me identify my relationship with food.

Disadvantages.... Once ur on it ur on it as such. If you need to go to a celebration or function you have to decide in advance whether its worth breaking your diet as it'll take a week refeed to prepare for it. Plus, it is a diet won and lost in your mind. Its your mind that finds it hardest giving up the food. And you need be be 100% committed. Which makes the first few days tough.

If you want fast results then stick with the LT. Best of luck Gemma with whichever you decide.

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