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Which part of your body looses weight?


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I know that seems like a daft question.
I carry the majority of weight around my stomach. My lower stomach is huge and at 5foot1 makes me look twice as big as I am. I'm at least 2 sizes bigger there than everywhere else and trousers are massive on my waist but need to be bigger to do up over my belly that hangs right down. Its disgusting if I'm honest.
Since starting on vcld I've dropped a size overall but nothing looks good cos of this. My boobs have shrunk as has my waist but hips/belly not shifting - will they catch up?
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My body is just like yours :cry: So I would be interested to hear everyone elses answers



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I hope so - depressing isn't it.
I've started doing sit-ups but I'm pretty crap at them and probably doing it all wrong anyway!!
Cos I've lost weight everywhere else i actually think I look bigger cos my stomch sticks out more!!
Group Hug :gen126:


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Im a typical apple shape, small bum and legs but big belly! i hate it, i think because of my bum bag belly bulge i will need surgery due to it already hanging down, the first place i loose weight is my bum, legs, face, back, waist then im hoping my belly will catch up!!


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I'm a typical pear shape. I first lose weight around my waist, arms, boobs, then around hips and belly, upper legs seem to be slow to catch up unfortunately. I have "saddlebags" on the outside of my upper thighs. Not a pretty sight, from past dieting experience I know they eventually disappear as well but it takes a long time. I feel your pain apple ladies, but being a pear isn't fun either, dresses are always too big around my bust and waist but are tight around my thighs, trousers are a pain as well. I'm sure those "difficult" body bits will catch up with the rest though! x
Typical hour glass here - big boobs and arms, smaller waist then mahhooosiivveee bum and thighs. One week I lost 3inch off my waist and nothing anywhere else! It sucks!


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Is there anything we can do to give these areas a helping hand along?

Rubbish isn't it.
Oh to have a flat stomach!! Think I'll be having surgery on mine too!!


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I was an hour glass until I hit menopause which turned me into a pumpkin at the hour of midnight :cry:

My weight tended to come off all over, but mainly my face and boobs. The stomach came off last and goes on first.

I have a theory though. I reckon your body knows where you want to lose it, and then does the complete opposite.

Nothing you can do to rush it along. Can't spot exercise or anything. Just have to be patient :sigh:
On a VLCD you will mostly lose muscle-mass ahead of fat, which means the belly will take forever to go! Sit-ups don't help as spot-reduction is a myth/lie that one too many people fall for.

Deepak x


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On a VLCD you will mostly lose muscle-mass ahead of fat,
No, that's not quite right. It depends on how much body fat you have to lose. There will be some lean mass loss as there is with any diet, but there will be more fat loss until someone has little to lose. And if the VLCD lacks enough protein.

Of course, as you get slimmer, you get more lean mass loss hence the 810 rule.

which means the belly will take forever to go! Sit-ups don't help as spot-reduction is a myth/lie that one too many people fall for.

Deepak x


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KD (or anyone else!) - I have a question about exercise.

Two years ago I lost 3 stone by a combination of sensible diet and loads of exercise (I was in the gym almost every day, doing a combination of weights and cardio - put all the weight back on but that's a different story). I was the same weight as I am at the moment but a dress size smaller, although I don't believe in "spot reducing fat" I definitely looked more toned overall, especially my legs.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go back to the gym to do some resistance training (light weights), I built it up very slowly but I still got very aching muscles which I never got 2 years ago. I stopped doing it as it was just too painful.

Does this have something to do with the diet, could it be because I don't get as much carbs as I used to do? Just wondering! x
Yes you will be weaker, it happened to me, all my big compound lifts have gone down by about 20%.

But my body looks better (and so will yours :))

Deepak x

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