Who's doin' CD?


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Reading lots of wonderful tips and words of support everywhere, but who out there in VLCD land is doing CD?:)
Me me me!! <jumping up and down waving hands in the air!>

Of course... now that I've lost nearly 5st (8st in total) I CAN jump up and down! ;)

Debbie x
Me!!! But I am only on day 3, but very positive and will soon be jumping without sounding like im still clapping 30 seconds after I stop jumping!
Russian Doll, you weight loss is fantastic!!!

Hi Ajax, I'm just getting going and can't do the jumping up and down at all, (so clapping frantically instead:eek: )

Looking forward to tracking your posts to see how you're doing.
I am doing CD plus food...

Hoping to start back SSing soon...

Love Mini xxx
im doing it too, day 17!!!
How's it gone for you all today???

Well today has gone okay, I've had hours where I've wanted to eat something but I've managed to sail through. I've been reading up about emotional eating too and I think the only I'm going to manage to keep the weight off this time is really to confront my emotional eating. I think if I can conquer it, dieting will be history (eventually..lol!):) How has your day gone?
And me!


How you doin hun, has your day been good for you??
I am a CD-er too, just climbing back on the wagon this morning!

I'm a CD girl too!!

Started on 24th February and have lost 5 st 12 lbs so far - in just over 5 1/2 months - with around another 2 stone to lose to reach my goal.

It's the best diet I've ever done and I'm thrilled to be training as a CDC at the end of September so I can help others achieve their weightloss targets :D
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I'm a CD girl..

I must say its the best diet I have been on..

Just struggling with it slightly at the moment.. :(

I think my mum is just going to start with CD and is going to contact Debbie's CDC :D

At least I can rest assure she will be in the safest of hands :)