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Why cant i stay in ketosis - a moaning thread


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A protein shake shouldn't knock you out... Especially from a dark level. Was there anything else at all that might have done it? What else did you eat /drink in the day? What brand was the shake?

The sticks aren't the be all and end all, they're not technically designed for low carb dieters. But test again after a sleep and see what it shows.


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I find that if I drink a lot in between testing that it shows up lighter....ie, if I test at 7pm, have a couple of pints of water and then retest at say 10pm that it will be a lighter colour.....maybe its just diluting the ketones?

Also, if I'm dehydrated, it looks as if I'm in ketosis on the stix.....go figure!
I think you're either in ketosis or not, so the shade doesn't matter. I never showed as in ketosis during the time I did Lighter Life but I lost stones so obviously was. I gave up with them after a few weeks!
Don't pay too much attention to the ketostix, they always show up really pale for me yet i've lost 6lbs already and i know my body's in ketosis from the lack of appetite and the horrible breath! lol
I love my stixs but do get disheartened when i get the b****y beige as well .......... keep going x
Im with you there, must be frustrating for you, however if you are losing weight and inches you know your diet is working. Let your scales and tape measure be your measurement of success not the kitostix.

I agree with -FJ- though, the quantity of water must have an effect, im always darkest purple early AM and the more water I drink throughout the day the lighter the colour gets!

Good luck x
I'd forget the sticks and go by the other indicators as pointed out by Life'sdesire myself

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