Why can't shops sort out sizing !!!


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Last week I thought as my size 16's were getting lose i would treat myself to a cheap pair of 14 trousers just to get me by until i settle at goal weight.

They were about 3 inches from doing up, if i took a reaaly deep breath in i could do the button up but would have been arrested if out in public in them.

I took them back this morning and had to hold my size 16 trousers up in the shop.

Now i hope label was wrong but it has knocked my confidence and dont want to try buying any more 14's just yet, and belt looks silly as waistband too gathered.
Don't be put off dawn, it really isn't you

Even 14's in different styles, but the same shop vary considerably. Think it's about time someone got to grips with standardising sizing full stop !!! A great example is my daughter - normally a size 8/10, but in some shops has had to go up to a 14 - now where's the sense in that eh :confused:
Hey Dawn

That's just life i'm afraid honey!!! Don't be put off, shop around and TRY THINGS ON before you buy!!! I'm a 10/12 and sometimes a 14 on top. I'm just happy that i have somethings at a size 10 so when i have to buy "bigger" it really doesn't bother me!! When my current size 10's get tight though that's when i start to cry!!!!!

Look forward to hearing when you get your first size 14's... So get shopping girlfriend!
I think i need to go out without kids and as you say try on, its so easy to bring things home.

Thanks, i know it isn't me but what a bummer on the first pair of size 14's i bought.

I have clothes from when i was thinner last year but they are 16's that my mum has altered.
er chicken, yes!!!!! what do you do, measure the waistbands?? lol that is a class act matey, how organised are you?!?!?! Love it ;o)
Ok that'll just be me then :eek:

The bloody shops vary so much in their sizing it does my head in. I actually have a pair of size 10 trousers that fit me :eek: where as the pair of size 12's in another style I tried on were too small and a size 14 was needed and that was from the same shop :mad:

Actually it isn't so much the waist bands, it's the thighs and calfs on trousers as I do have big legs in proportion to the rest of my body. :rolleyes: I have lost weight so quickly I can't look at something on the hanger and think' yep, that'll fit' or 'you've got no chance missy!' :D
I agree with you all: I've always said women's sizes are a pile of pants!!

I can go into ANY shop and pick hubby up a pair of jeans: provided they have a 32" waist and 30" legs, they'll fit. Not so me - I have a gamut of sizes ... a size 18 jacket that hangs like a sack and another that fits like a glove. The size 18 trousers I'm wearing at the moment fit great and I even have some size 14 stretchy jeans from BHS that fit OK - but I have several more size 18 jeans in my wardrobe all of which I can't even do the buttons up. It's hopeless!

When will the manufacturers get their acts together and standardise sizes??
Not the only one, my size 20's are too big, all but 1 pair of dp size 18's are way too small. My size 18 denim skirt hangs, yet a size 16 and I have to breath in and then the button are gaping.
Agree sizing should be made standard, it just depresses me :( :p