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why do i bother at all

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by gonnabesmall, 26 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    just had my weigh in and feel utterly dissapointed that ive stayed the same.been the same for 2 weeks now and i dont understand why.ive been doing green days , had no more than10 sins a day somtimes less eaten all my heas and hebs.i know its better than putting on but stiil i expected at least a 2lb loss in a fortnight.any ideas anyone.need a boost.need a loss this week.:mad:
    have been sw for 8 weeks now and up till now have lost 10lb so just wondered why the sudden stand still.i do try to vary diet as much as i can .am doing sw at home on my own as class to expensive so any ideas will be gratefuuly apprieaceted x
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  3. Vixxster

    Vixxster Nojo on the YoYo

    are you veggie? Is that why no red days?

    the original plan is by far the superior plan.
  4. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    aaaw thanks for those kind words.feel quite emotional this morning :0( will keep going but it just gets so frustrating when ive really stuck to it and i expect a loss even just a little pound would of done.might try extra easy this week but do find it hard not having 2 a and 2 bs.
  5. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Could it be your * week Hun??
    I sts this week too and really fed up with it. I stick to plan 100% and then this happens!
  6. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    i know .... if id sinned or ate the wrong thing i could understand but im gonna carry this on need to be a size 14 before christmas determined ha.not my * week that was actually a fortnight ago.maybe il have a good loss next week.not sure what to do though ie green , red or extra easy.i do tend to stick to green cos i find it easy i love rice and pasta and dont mind having meat as my hebs gggggrrrr so frustrating though x
  7. suespain

    suespain Loves living in the sun


    Had the same problem as you today, no weight loss even though I have been good this week (apart from Friday night when we went out but then didn't go too mad!). Keep at it and hopefully next Monday we will have both lost.

    Keep at it.

  8. Vixxster

    Vixxster Nojo on the YoYo

    Hun, go red for a few days. If you eat meat, have it. reduce your carb portions. Maybe you're just one of those people who can't eat large portions of starchy carbs? If original is available to you, take it!
  9. hobbithead

    hobbithead Full Member

    Sorry you are feeling blue :( but stick with it and it will all come good.

    I do agree with Vix on the Red days. I always used to to do Green but in the past 6 weeks have been increasing my Red days and I do get bigger losses. Worth giving a go. Good luck for this week xxx
  10. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    Hun, keep your chin up!! I'm doing green days all day everyday and to be honest I know that if I did red days I would lose a lot more!! I only eat chicken so I won't get very far!! Keep at it, so many of us had sts for long periods.You may be losing inches!! Don't feel discouraged!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    Scouzer. X
  11. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    thank you all.i will try red days but meat so expensive.and what do you serve with meat i know you can have a baked potato as a b choice ,so is it best to have meat dishes and serve with loads of fresh veg?
  12. Vixxster

    Vixxster Nojo on the YoYo

    salads, butternut squash mash or roasted chunks, use a HEB for a 57g wholemeal roll and make burgers out of turkey mince (around 1.70 for 500g) - come on hun, read your free and superfree food lists, there's LOADS on there! Be inventive!
  13. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    thank you il repost in week to let you all know how its going.Brace yourself for next mondays post cos i can fell a HUGE weight loss coming this way wwaaahhoooooooooooooooooo x
  14. leannemarie28

    leannemarie28 That mars bar aint love..

    Yeh!! keeo going! Also sounds silly but do you exercise?? i know its poop and annoying and a pain in the bum but if you dont exercise exercising could shift those pounds!!! your body adjusts to your intake and diet (clever, but annoying) maybe doing a couple red days a week wouldn't be too expensive?!

    Im on Green im a carb junkie!!! but with pasta comes water!! if your eating a lot of pasta you could be retaining water, try to knock pasta on the head two days before you wegih yourself.

    Measure yourself too!! you may find that inches are going!! that happened to me on a previous diet and i actually had lost 2 inches ha ha but the scales said nothing!!

    Its really discouraging when you havnt lost....but you havnt gained either!!!!!!!!

    GO YOU!!!! xxx
  15. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    yeah,exercise hhmmmm a tricky 1 ha ha.have 4 youg children so my arse never touches the floor ha ha.was thinking of dragging the wii fit out and cracking on with that this week for an extra boost.fingers crossed for me this week also see there is a new wii fit game out too might get that one and give it a go.x
  16. nettie1

    nettie1 Full Member

    Dont get down hearted that happend to me when I started slimming world, I was doing green and stayed the same for a couple of weeks so I changed to extra easy and have had a steady weight loss ever since :)

    nettie xx
  17. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    its nice to know that im not the only one.mind you been going through red/original and there isnt much there i like surprising really even the veg changes ie sweetcorn and i must admit not sure what to have with meat prob loads of veg as can only have 227g potato with skin on and no rice aaww
  18. pinktiger

    pinktiger Full Member

    I tried the roasted cauli and broc dish from the mag last night and omg thought Id died and gone to food heaven never thought I'd like it but fancy it again tonight if my cooker gets fixed that is. Only did a small portion with green beans, bacon and garlic, 3 small new tatties(heb) and chicken with mozarella light (hea) wrapped in fat free bacon and left a tattie and half the chicken as the veg filled me up so much
  19. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    Hi gonnabesmall, sorry to hear you have hit a wall, but top marks for keeping going :)

    Do you write down all your food and drink? on here? Maybe someone could cast an eye over your food diary and look for ways to improve things for you?

    And the idea of exercise isn't such a bad one, any exercise will do, even a brisk walk or something :)
  20. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    When you say you have a max of 10 syns sometimes less, is that because your consultant told you to? If it isn't don't fall into the trap that eating less equals greater weight loss because it does the opposite.

    Fab advice here so you'll be sorted in no time :)

    I dunno about that, I'm not a veggie and I've only done Green days in the 5 years I've been on and off SW and I do really well. I think it's down to personal preference and how your body works.
  21. gonnabesmall

    gonnabesmall is doin this

    hi i dont go to class cos i find it too expensive but when i did go about 6 months ago she said that its best to have between 6 and 12 sins a day...which i thought was odd seeing as you are allowed to have a max of 15?
    i do find green a lot easier prob like carbs too much.i always have done green been doin green for the last 10 weeks actually thats a fib i did a week of ee and think i prob stayed the same so went back on green.i really dont know what to do.i was trying red this week as everyone suggested to see how that goes
    as for exercise i do walk quite a bit take the kiddes to school everyday and im up and down there at least 6 times (all different ages)i have been back on wii fit this week doing at least half hour.like you say seem to have hit a brick wall,running i think lol

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