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Why do thin people hate fat people getting thin????

Why oh why do people who are naturally thin or have always been able to maintain a thin body try to scupper us biggies?????

It's my first week, I've lost an amazing 15lbs, we all know that first week can produce big losses but no, twice already I've been told it's dangerous (told them all the facts including my doctors approval)

My friend has just been told it's dangerous and anything over 2lb a week is bad, wish I was with her, I would have said yeah, bad, you should be losing more on this diet.

I'm so cross, why can't people just be pleased, I had this last time when I first lost my weight.

Right, rant over, back to being dangerous and getting a 'bad' body xx
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Yeah, I think we all face that sometimes, it's really annoying. One of my friends who has about 7lbs total to lose had a real go at me at the start of doing this. I got really cross with her and explained it all, and how if I was losing it 1-2lb a week it would be several years of will power that I required to get to my ultimate goal. Finally, 3 months later, she's come round to it.

I've been lucky, my colleagues have been supportive so far, which has made things a lot easier at work.

However, I'm getting a little nervous now, as people are starting to say I've lost enough, and I've still got a few stone left to go just to get to overweight. So I'm sure soon the comments will be escalating again.

Ah well, you know and I know that this diet works for us, and that's the important thing. I'm jsut keeping focused on my goals and trying to tune out the unsupportive / destructive comments /noise from others.
Oh yeah im sick of hearing "this cant be good for your body!"....well either is being extremely overweight but hey, your not bothered about that ha! Honestly....some people just dont get it, but we know its safe, we know its right for us, and in a few months we can prove them all wrong! xx
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My sister hates me losing weight and does not think I should be a size 12 let alone 10. She says am too tall so it wont suit me (really?). She says 16 should be fine lol, like am doing this for anyone. I have only told a couple of friends am on the diet. One is on LT, other on CD another will be starting Exante at the end of the week. Some people are so negative when you are losing the weight yet look their noses down on you for being fat and not doing anything about it :mad:.

Av always said BRAVO to anyone losing weight and moving over to SLIMVILLE!!!!
Same here. I generally look at it like...well were all adults and weve not entered into this lightly. I researched it, i read the forum pages for weeks, i tried every other "conventional" diet. If people dont like this diet, fair enough, they shouldnt do it...but they shouldnt judge us who have chosen this path :) xxx


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I lie.... lol yup I openly lie about my diet...

I dont think people realize how big a stone actually is... Ive had "oooh u've lost loads of weight, what about a stone and a half?" um no its actually closer to 3 and a half stone "you cant have much more to lose?" errr yes I do... another 3 stone. If I was to actually say that to people I get the frowns and "ohh your be far too skinny then, you look fine now" No i dont... Im only just out of obese bmi

Lol so when people ask how much Ive lost I half it and do the same when they ask how much ive got to lose, I just cant be bothered with having to explain and justify myself.

To someone who has always been around the right weight for their height, a stone is a lot of weight... to someone like me who had 6 and a half stone to lose... it isnt!


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I just do not bother with people any more, I always hear the same broken record PLUS they remind me of my failures. Remember how many times you tried those fad diets? The key is eating healthy and exercise! Really ??I didn’t know it was so easy!

The thing is I can’t stick to those weight loss clubs, as the weight does not keep going down. up and down, and a loss rate for eternity! I did SW and with this diet is so easy to over eat as there is a lot you can eat, plus you do not learn portion control. It is ok if you stick to the diet and eat massive portion of low fat but if you slip and eat high calorie content you slip big time. I know it works for others it was not for me.


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............sometimes I think that people do not like seeing other people being successful. Maybe it's a touch of the green eyed monsters. Maybe your skinny mate doesn't want the competition eh!!!!xx


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I do the same as Sammy! Lie! When I did W8, I told no-one except my immediate family initially! I've put on 2 stone of that weight but it has taken me 3 years to do it (most of it in the past year). Those 'slim' friends I told eventually now say - 'told you you wouldn't keep it off'. I've been to WW SW etc before and put weight back on. This time I'm determined to address my food issues. I plan to keep it off! All I want to get to is a BMI of 25, around 10st 10lbs! I got to 11st 5 the last time and listened to people telling me I was getting too thin and stopped! I lost 3 stones the last time but told most people it was about 2..... This time I'll be shouting from the rooftops when I lose 3 stone.

One thing to bear in mind - not all naturally slim people are healthy! They can suffer from cholesterol problems too and as they get older should be watching what they eat too.

I find it interesting watching my naturally slim friends eat:

They always leave something on their plate - stuffed (I would stuff it in there)
They order desert but usually have a couple of spoonfuls and leave the rest (again I would stuff it in there)

The last time I did a VLCD, I GOT MASSIVE SUPPORT FROM THIS FORUM! Everyone is in the same boat! I also had a few 'friends' with weight issues who started having seen how well I did and they have become very good friends because of it.

IGNORE THE SKINNIES! Get the support you need from us fatties, soon to be SLIMMIES! I certainly don't want to be a skinny, I like some of my curves and don't want to lose them completely!

Good luck and keep up the good work!
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Yep! No one worries when you eat your weight in chocolate, but god forbid you try and lose it. If I hear again," just eat less and move more" I'll slap someone :)

I also stopped losing weight when I did cd last time I won't listen this time. If I want to be a size 12 I will, no stopping at size 14 just because others don't think it suits you.... They didnt know me in my 20's when I was that size for years!!

Okay rant over :)
I'm with sammy and geegb..... LIE hahaha.... "yeah i'm having a meal tonight blah blah" i can't be bothered to explain!!
ESPECIALLY when they are eating crisps/chocs/ready meal and moan saying 'it can't be healthy' hahahaha SERIOUSLY!!!


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I spoke to my mum tonight and she said ...

'' you don't need to diet anymore your hardly big now you fit in a size 16 - you don't want to get obssesed''

I'm sure now I'm looking slimmer I will get similar comments, but the way I see it is my and my sister looks extremely similar with similar height and build but she is 9st odd in a size 10, no one says she is to skinny so whats the problem in me wanting to be a simmilar size just because I've never been below 11st in my adult life?
it's funny because we're always the happy bubbly fun friend, maybe I'll treat myself to a day of being nasty when I've dropped this weight, my parents always say oh lose weight, I've been huge since I was tiny, then I did and they kept telling me to put on, then I put stone or two on and got pregnant, and they're saying, don't worry you'll drop it again now I've done one week and lost 15lbs they're telling me to be careful aaaggghhhhhhh.


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Like HUR575 I just could not be bothered with people who complain about how much we lost and how fast we lose it, they have not been in our shoes so I say get lost. My MD nearly had a hernia when he learnt I was back on it because last year while on the diet I developed a back problem, sciatica, which he blamed on the diet, and I was off for a while. The other thing which I find very very very annoying, trying to educate these people about the diet is like trying to educate an ant, they will just not listen. Anyway, there are also a lot of this prople that do understand and I tend to listen to them.
Why is it when your on a diet people feel they have the right to comment? Its like when your pregnant, people instantly think they have the right to paw your belly and comment on your stretch marks haha. Honestly, if all i worried about from day to day was what other people were eating, id have no time for myself. Get a life all you critics, and worry about your own eating habits. This sbject really irritates me haha! xx


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If you look at the overall picture, ie you versus the general population, once you are within a couple of stone of target you do actually look normal, even if we dont see it ourselves. Most people are little bit overweight given that the average womans size is 14/16, so its understandable that when you have lost a bit of weight, people will view you as 'normal' and wont see why you need to lose more. But we dont want to be 'normal' we want to be slim.

Im getting it from hubby and friends at the moment. My daughter in law really goes off on one when i tell her i would like to lose a couple more lbs. Hubby works away all week, so he really notices if ive lost a couple of lbs in the week that he was away. He walks through the door, points at me and says 'your too thin!, stop losing weight' This is hilarious, because only a few months ago he would say 'WE need to lose weight' (meaning me, despite him being at a good 18st).

I do think it makes people a bit uncomfortable to see such a drastic change in you, people dont like change. They like what they know, and i think they get worried that you will change as a person.

It does start to wear you down, but you have to stay strong and focus on what YOU want. Its your body, not theirs. People will worry too that you are developing an eating disorder. As long as you are not aiming for a BMI of less than 20, then you are looking to be a healthy weight, and that is all that matters. If anyone else has a problem with it, its their problem. Just dont allow it to be your problem too.

In theory I could actually lose another 20lbs or more and still be more than 20 bmi, so I know im not too thin, but I also accept that I look drastically different than i did 6 months ago. It just takes time for people to get used to the new you, including yourself!

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