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why isnt this working for me ???

i know its personal questions but are you due totm? i put on about 7-8lb when i'm due then it comes off again after, just a thought. xx
Oh Mel, that's really awful, I do feel for you as the same thing happened to me last week and I'd stuck to it all week apart from one meal out.

Was this your first week on Exante?

Did you drink enough water, as I know I didn't on the week I didn't lose?

Did you exercise too much as you can reduce your muscle mass which reduces your metabolism?

And as Colly says is it time of the month?

If none of the above apply then all you can do is continue and wait for a loss next week, it has to come off sometime! I am on target for about 4lb loss this week after losing nothing at all last week so it will get going again.

Keep your chin up and don't do what I did and have a meal and a drink to commiserate because the 'diet isn't working anyway!' It will work, honest :)

S x
I only lost the same my first week & three pounds this week. Annoying I know. I am drinking loads cos I never drank anything other than hot water anyway so believe me I do know how
frustrated you feel. We'll hopefully just continue to shed the pounds. It is hard to keep your spirits up when all the others are celebrating great losses but by knowing that I'm only having 600 calories a day reassures me that I will be smaller come Christmas, as will you.
thanks for your replys and its good knowing that im not the only one out there who doesnt have huge losses like some, its definatly not T.O.M as i dont have them due to being on the kinda pill i take havent done for years so at least dont have that to contend with, and im drinking so much am on the loo every 20 mins (bladders not what it used to be blooming kids lol) its just so frustrating yes its my first 100% week so was expecting alot more from this, my friend who started 4 days ago has lost 7lbs just dont get why it has to be so difficult for some,but im going to carry on without a blow out cause i must admit i feel great within myself and at least i feel in control for once, heres hoping it comes of next week :rolleyes:
If it's your first 100% week does that mean you've been 'dabbling'?
Perhaps you don't have any water weight so could not expect a big loss? I've always found a good week follows a bad so keep going! Xx
I know it's rubbish when you know you've worked so hard but this does work eventually we just don't lose weight in linear way - eg I've been stricter than ever but the scales are stuck and have been for days - annoying but i know if I persevere eventually they'll move- don't be disheartened there are always people who will have lost more and less -keep it up - it will be worth it in the end -although accept it'sa total bummer at the mo
Keep going Mel. I had a first week WI on Tuesday that I was disappointed with, but had a sneaky weigh this morning and have lost a good bit more. Obviously just wasn't ready to show after exactly one week!
Keep at it and don't be disheartened - you lost something and you are not feeling hungry so it sounds good - what plan were you on before exante? Looking at your stats you have already lost loads of weight!
Once when the scales would not budge for about 4 days I upped my water for a bit and it started coming off again. Might have been coincidence but worth a shot maybe?
I've just posted about the same thing - weighed yesterday after a week of shakes, bars and salads and I've only lost 1lb. I guess we have to stick at it but it's so disheartening isn't it.


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The thing to remember is that, if you stick to it, it WILL work. You can't eat that much less calories and it not work.

I lose much slower than others (for example my week 3 on Exante I lost nothing) but you do get there in the end. Tortoise and hare innit? x

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