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Wii Dance..had to share!

:stickdance::stickdance:Well, I just had to share and apologies if anyone has already posted about this game for the Wii on here already!
I have never laughed so much in all my life and I have only owned the game for 2 hours!!
Its fantastic for working up a sweat, particularly if you do the full versions of each song and certainly gets the heart pumping!
Definitely worth the £16.99 I paid on Amazon for it! :D
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You got a real bargain there, got mine and had first go yesterday, really good fun and if 4 of you do it at once you laugh so much it hurts.
Lol...I cant wait for my mates to come around now..they will all be challenged! I have video footage of other friends attempting it on New Years Eve and its hysterical!
I ordered it a while ago and it was out of stock, but... it should be arriving tomorrow!! I cannot WAIT to have a go, although I shall be alone, with no audience whatsoever. I am possibly the world's most uncoordinated dancer...:eek:
I love this game, I'm doing this as my Body Magic!! We had so much New Years Eve playing this, I found some rather embarrasing photos of us on my camera the other day as well, they will quickly be deleted.


I will succeed!!!
Ok, just typed 'Wii Dance' into amazon and there are like...loads of dance games. Which one exactly? Not that I can find a chuffin' board at the mo lol x
It's called Just Dance, you dont need the board just the game and console. xx


I will succeed!!!
It's called Just Dance, you dont need the board just the game and console. xx
Oh good! Does it not use the board at all? *woops*
Nope no board at all you'll be pleased to here. Trust me you would struggle staying on the board it's very energetic especially MC Hammer U cant touch this lol xx


I will succeed!!!
OMG I am SO ordering this right now. Get in!

Thanks GM for the help and Mrs V for the thread x
DO IT!!! You really wont regret it, it's fantabulous!! x
Well ive just caved in too, had a few people already go on about it but I had resisted but now you guys have started too ive just added it to my shopping order! LOL!
Ohhhh just ordered this! Excited to get it now I ordered it from play.com £17.99 and free delivery same as Asda, now just have to tell my hubby about another impulse buy lol ;-) Maybe I'll just wait till it arrives and get him hooked <g>

You wont regret it! I have done this every night since I have bought it and love it! Always end up with a huge smile on my face, even after being sweaty!

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