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Will I change from Lipotrim?


I will never give up
hi i swapped from lipotrim 4 weeks ago and its great id definately recommend it. more flavours too.
I've done LL and Cambridge before and have got to say that I'm enjoying Exante more and that's made even better by the fact that it's cheaper - losses appear to be just the same as on any other VLCD.... I'd go for it!
Thinking of changing from lipotrim too.
I find it really hard to stick to now. im breaking it like every 2 weeks, and coming bach etc..
so sick of it, specially that the end could be not far...
Hi Aine and MissDesperate,

I also changed over from lipotrim. For similar reasons to yourselves, Was really fed up of lipotrim after 5 weeks. on changing I prefer the lipotrim shakes, but the bars and soups are much nicer or exante. Now I've got used to the Exante shakes they're grand. Good description on here on what the shakes etc tastes like. I love the bars and it makes the diet more accessible, as I can still be out with pals with lunch and I can nibble at the bar. The Flap Jack was the most minging think i've ever tasted.

Glad I changed over to Exante.

Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.
Thanks, so much, gonna order bumper pack, hopefully will have it, monday/tuesday.
I've done LL and Cambridge before and have got to say that I'm enjoying Exante more and that's made even better by the fact that it's cheaper - losses appear to be just the same as on any other VLCD.... I'd go for it!
How do you compare Exante to Cambridge in terms of variety, taste and the effectiveness?

I am paying almost £200 a month using CD :(
Thats a big loss, really good!

I will try that too, to aim around 2 stones a month.

Might top it up with some exercise, not the gym yet, but going for long walks and stopping the bus a couple bus stops earlier. :)
Thanks Starlight, will keep that in mind!

I am pondering going to try Exante for a month or so as I have CD now...

I will keep an eye on these forums to see people who switched over :)
Comparing CD to Exante well I'd say that I like the Exante soups just as much, I prefer the Exante bars as I find them much nicer, I never really did shakes on CD except for the hot mint choc and on Exante I love the hot choc shake and the hot vanilla with coffee in and I will grin and bear the strawberry and banana if it means that I'm only paying £100 a month. To be honest it's only those 2 shakes that I'm not overly keen on but I do find them acceptable and drinkable - and best of all for a much cheaper price the losses are the same.

I also prefer not having to go to a cdc, sometimes the thought of going to them was enough in itself to put me off the diet.

I'm usually a daily weigher but since having a week off the diet last week I'm now thinking along the lines of only weighing in on the last Monday of each month or something similar - go for the more occasional far bigger losses!

Hope the comparison helps!
Think I might be jumpin fences too....

Hi there!! I have been on Lighter Life for 4 weeks but I'm finding it hard to justify the money now!!! The losses have been great, but what attracted me to the diet was the fact it all seemed above board, what with the health checks and all that jazz, and that was important to me as it's the first VLCD I've ever attempted. I also loved the idea of counselling - I NEVER want to be this size again and I saw the counselling as great tool to ensure it never happens again! However all we do at the meetings is sit in a circle and talk about the best lies you can tell to get out of eating etc etc! We haven't done any exercises that are in the books I've JUST been given - on week 4 lol - or touched on anything profound. Infact, its no different really to any slimming club I've been to.

SO, I saw Exante, for almost a third of the price online last week and since then it's been pulling at me! Will I notice any difference if I do a straight swap next week in terms of weight loss and how I'm feeling? Because I am feelin pretty good rite now :D
I'm thinking of changing from Target Slim that I'm on to Exante too. The pharmacy no nothing really about it so they aren't much use anyway!
If you're not getting the correct counselling and support on ll that you are paying for then I would have no concerns in swapping, if however you were receiving them and they are effective for you and you can see the future benefit then I'd stick to ll. If you are doing ll then you should be viewing the films and working through the exercises otherwise you're not receiving what you are paying for.
I did CD for 12 days nearly three years ago. At day 10 i stopped eating because if all I could have was another foul shake I chose not to bother at all. By Day 12 I was convinced I would never have another shake again.

I love the variety on Extante, I like all the shake flavours and two of the soup ones, and the bars yeah they have a bit of an undertaste but when I get a choc chip or raisin it tastes like a normal cereal bar. I am quite enjoying it.

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