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*** Winspiration Wednesday - Hour by Hour***


Morning ladies (and as always gents)

Keeping to your promises so far this week? Ones made on monday? If you are well done, as thats you almost halfway through the week already, if not, dust yourself off and get back on there's still time to have a 5/7ths success rate!

Wasn't sure about the "Winspiration" Win + inspiration you see.

Anyway - scales this morning a huge 0.8lbs brop since yesterday, think 4L a day is my optimum water/fluid intake and a wee bit of walking. If I have just a 0.3lb drop tomorrow I'll be 12st 1 (something) pounds, which ladies for me is amazing.

Have a great day, be good and most of all be happy.
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Thought I was early here but you're up with the larks again Lexie lol!
Well done Lexie, you must be so pleased with your progress :)

Wet and miserable here today and I have a jolly team meeting this afternoon :(

Have a good day girls :)

Annie x


Loving losing
Morning Team losers

Missed out on posting yesterday, but did catch up with things in the evening.

Happy this morning tho as have lost 2 lbs this week and as most of you know I have swapped to S/F since last Wednesday so pleased all round. Wasn't sure how my body would react to the change but fingers crossed all OK.

Day off today tho am popping in to work for an hour this morning just to help out, then it is major tidy mode which i hope will burn a few calories!

Hope all the poorly girlies are feeling better today and here's to a great day for all...:)



Silver Member
Morning all,

Just checking in before heading to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday (I loved the Winspirational, Lexie!)

Keep focussing on a slimmer, healthier, happier you!

T x

having a few crappy days really with one thing and another will update later. have stayed 100% but feel really drained and down - the pitfalls of being on this diet long term!

I am NEVER going to get big again so I have to do it for this long. I have definitely learnt my lesson. Am only going to give myself 5lbs leeway like WWand SW and then its back to business of getting it off -
(Ju remind me of this if I ever start going above goal!!!! - you have the right to give me the kick up the bum to get it off!)

Didnt manage to read stuff last night so hope you all ok.

Heres to 100% day for all of you and Ibiza fab news of your 2lbs off and Lexie fab news too of you being as low weight as you are!

will update my diary tonight after work
morning everyone,
well done on the losses girls. Jess, Im feeling really crappy too. I will certainly remind you never to go there(weight wise) again but you must do the same to me. Gosh, I never want to have to go through this again. Dont seem to be catching up the the ketosis yet. im so hungry but havent cheated!! my cdc want me to step up to ss+ for a week but I dont want to.... Weather today, well lets just say I dont think Im in the same country as yesterday. sun in gone. Back to good ol irish weather:wave_cry:. Scales are showing me -3 today. i hope to make it to -4 by sat...fingers crossed. Have a hapy and pleasant day everyone.:)


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Morning everyone,

Lexie-well done on the loss and hope all goes well for you today.

Jess-sorry to here you're having a hard time at the mo, remember we're all here for you.

Wellandgood-hope you're starting to feel better and getting your voice back!

thelma,Ibza& lazy- hope you all have fab days

I'm well chuffed that I resisted the temptation of picking whilst baking last night (goal no.1 for the week) and everythings packaged up for the church sale this afternoon.
Littleuns just gone down for a nap so I'll have something to eat soon, maybe a cranberry bar and some mint tea. x


Skinny girl in a fat body
GOD (said in a voice like Janice from Friends) !!!

It is weigh in tonight and I am panicing. I drank 4 litres of water yesterday to try to wee a bit extra coz I desparately want to lose 3lb this week, and I have found out this morning that 1 litre of water weight 1 kilo = 8.8lb's. I was informed that 1 litre of water weighed 1lb - so in actual fact, its double.

I think I will have to run the 5 miles to CDC's tonight :(


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Mia hun, calm down!! You'll have a good loss, I promise you. If you're really worried, stop drinking a little earlier this afternoon, but I'm sure you'll be fine!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately ladies, I've been really ill. My GP made me come off CD :( I've been trying to stick to low-carb meals, but just felt so so drained. So I've had small amounts of whole-wheat pasta and brown rice as well. And I really do mean small amounts, they filled me up so quickly. I'm feeling much better this morning. GP is ringing me for a phone consultation later, so I'll ask about re-starting, hopefully in the morning. Although its my birthday on Friday and the temptation is to leave it until Saturday and do something nice on Friday...... I'll have to try and remain strong!!

Got some great news yesterday! H2b and I have decided to book our wedding!! Yay! Looks like it'll be on Feb 20th 2010 (which will be our 6 year anniversary of being together) We're going to have another look around the venue and make the final decision. I'm so excited, I could pop!

Hope you're all well, there are almost 9000 unread posts and I'm not even going to try and catch up on them all. Here is to a happy, healthy, 100% winspiration Wednesday!!


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi Lisa, glad you are feeling a bit better today. That's great news about your wedding. You can get into a size 10 wedding dress by then I am sure.


Loving losing
Quick hello again...

Lisa, so pleased about your wedding - you are going to look fab by Feb!! May be if you get your dog, it can be a bridesmaid!! LOL..Sorry you have felt so crap for so long,let's hope you are on the turn now so you can enjoy your birthday.

Mia good luck with the weigh in and don't panic about the water, I am sure it will help you lose in the long run.

Jess, just be inspired by your ticker and believe me we will NOT let you go back to old ways. We all have down days, but the ups created by downs on the scales make up for them in the end, if you get my drift!

Welland - fab losses again this week, well done!

Angela - well done for resisting temptation! I actually enjoyed making Rocky Road for the family at the weekend and felt good not having any and it is one of my faves!

Right have spent my day off in town so far and not done anything to house - eek! Got 2 hours left before kids start coming home...here we go...



Silver Member
Thanks you ladies! Doubt I'll ever be a size 10 (it doesn't suit a naturally curvy lady like me) but a size 12 dress would be awesome. It makes me just wanna get back on the wagon and lose!
gosh this is so hard at the moment!

Im back on SS after a 10lb weight gain on holiday - my own fault - mega binging on chocolate!

Anyways half way through day 2.. i could eat my left arm!! Arrgghhh!


Gold Member
Afternoon all! Been to Bury St Edmund's today. I managed not to buy anything lol.

Off to collect DD from school now :) xxx
am back from work now and have updated my diary.....

Well and good we will keep each other on thestraight and narrow when at goal - we both want to be at goal by end of August so we will do a deal that we have to be within 5lbs of our goal weight at xmas too! - hope the hunger has subsided and ketosis has kicked back in.

Angela - ta for support and well done for resisting temptation

Mia hope you get the loss you want ttonight - let us all know

Lisa - CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so pleased for you - I love a wedding (did even seriously look into becoming a wedding co-ordinator at one point - my name on here should be muriel!!!!) and what an incentive for you to get to goal - am so glad you are getting better and Im sure you will be able to SS from next week xxx

Ibiza thanks for the support so glad you stayed!

Crazy - nice to see you back and donht worry as long as you SS that 10lbs be off in not ime and its not real weight its only glycogen etc- I remember last time when I did SS I had a week off lost the plot put 12 lbs on and then ss'ed the follwing week and it all came off - IN ONE WEEK - I was gobsmacked! so there is hope.......

Sarette nice to see you - any luck with scales?




Yet another long -OMG that Lexie is a muppet-type story.

I won't bore you with it, but I should have been home over a hour ago. Never mind. Done now.
Lisa- great news, youll be looking fab for the wedding.

Jess- its a deal!!!

Crazy-:sign0007: Pay to play. but you will be fine.

Throat is better. Still hungry so had an extra shake as recommended by cdc. she says I could use it because i was so sick this week(so I believed her and jumped at the opportunity LOL). hope it doesnt harm my WI:wave_cry:


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5lbs will be my safety margin too :) It's a bit scary but I am looking forward to the challenge :D

Have been thinking of you Mia.. xxx
Hi all ive not been around lately got a horrible cold so would appreciate any advice on how to kick it really really quickly, am terrible at being ill anyway but this diet makes it impossible, dont know what to take, any ideas????? Hope you all get the losses you soooo deserve and Lisa I lost 5.5 stone for my wedding and was so glad I persevered with ss it was hard at times but fitting into my dream dress on the best day of my life (so far) was the best feeling ever!!!!!!! keep up the good work

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