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wk 15 weigh in ~!!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Well done Lou

Arent you doing so well! Your weight loss is amazing and very inspirational, and only in 15 weeks!

Are you starting re-feed? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Yes, I think I will miss them too.......maybe keep some for a reminder :D
well done fantastic loss again

not long till refeed you excited ? x


Success leads to success
well done loulougirl, you should be very proud of yourself! Nope not long to go until your goal is met now :)


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Wow, you have done brilliantly and you're nearly there too. Congrats on your loss this week.
Hiya :)

Congrats on your weight loss :happy096:

Wow refeeding doesnt seem that far away now!

You will certainly breeze it hun!!! :cool:


Lei xxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
woooohoooo well done Lou!! yep you will miss the shakes, I still do!!! xxxx
Well done Lou thats a fab weight loss. How does it feel to be so close to refeed? I know what you mean about the shakes, I will miss the convenience of them as well as the taste and fulfilment lol xxx


Positivity is the key
Hi Lou,
excellent weight loss and so near target, well done.
Wishing you all the best.


Here we go again!
Congrats on another great loss!

Only 3 weeks away from refeed, you'll love it. I don't miss the shakes to be honest. When I have one for my brekkie I feel as though I should be eating food!

Well done you, you've done fantastic on this and look forward to seeing you over on the refeed forum in a couple of weeks.
brilliant result again! really well done :)
Well done loulou
Thats some loss, far play to you :D
Well done hun, another fantastic loss.


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