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wooohooo!!!!!more inches gone x

well i just took my measurements again and i'm well chuffed :D

i've lost 24 inches in 4 weeks now since using my vibroplate :D

-5 from waist
-5 from hips
-4 from left thigh
-4 from right thigh
-4 from chest
-1 from right arm
-1 from left arm

i can't believe how quick the inches are dropping.

make sure you take your measurements to spur you on.
if you have a lower weight loss one week you still may have lost a few inches x
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Wow! You are definiately the inch loss queen! That is incredible! Keep at it because what you're doing is amazing. I've a feeling you're going to get a big number this week. When is your next weigh in?

You've really really tempted me now, I may just go ahead and order the Next one as I've never heard of such amazing results. It sure does work! *goes to look again*
Hannah, which vibro did you get?
thanks ladies x
bets i'm hoping for the same number as you.you done great x
i reckon i'll do another 2 but that'll still be off and the inches are dropping.weighing on wednesday.
had to buy some new bras coz the backs were getting so loose.

how did you manage to get such a good loss this week after the 2lb?did you do anything different?

i just feel that i can't help how much weight i lose each week.if i've stuck to it 100% then the scales will show a loss.i think i'll only lose what my body wants to and i can't change that x
if i was healthy eating etc i know that the better i am with food and exercise then the more i will lose.
its out of my control and thats tough for me x
I'm so jealous! LOL. As soon as I can afford one I'm getting one! I eyed up yours on the Next website -it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

That's truly brilliant babes -really well done!!
I've a feeling in me water that you're in for a biggy. I'm like you as in I don't mind how quickly the weight comes off, I just want to tone up and reduce inches. I wouldn't mind being 15 stone of toned body.

Funny you should mention about the bras, that was the first thing I noticed. Before I went away I popped into M&S to buy a few to stick in the case. I am usually a 42 g and they didn't have anything suitable in that size, so I thought hmm maybe go down a size. I bought some 40 g's and they fit brilliantly. In fact I think I it won't be long until they're a bit big. Sadly the cup is still the same size.

So true. Your body will only lose as much as it wants to. As long as you stick to LT 100% you know you've done all you can. Anyhow Missus your inch loss is way more impressive than anything! I still can't believe it!
wow...that's fantastic. That's a heck of a lot of inches the plate's taken off. Mind you....losing a stone in that same time frame has got to have helped with that too!!!

BIG congrats hun- bet you're feeling great

i kept on wondering wat vibroplate was just went on the website and checked wat it was. how big is it? im thinking about getting one but my parents would kill me if its huge.


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I am thinking that you now deserve that dirty banana dance
:banana dancer:
*jealous* again! This forum does nothing for my envy problems *tut* I've never had a banana dance :cry:

:queen: Inch loss :worthy:

I told my Hub about your inch loss and tried to push the Next vibro. He said he still wants one with bands! I'll staple bloody elastics to the Next one. Hard to please.

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