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Hi Lilypad

I had Caramel this morning which most people dont like, I added teaspoon of coffee to it and that was really nice also.

How do you feel today?

Toots x


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Good Luck Lily,
You are on a road to great success just stay focused and strong and before you know it you will be 2 weeks in!!
I look forward to reading your posts!
Keep glugging the water and be prepared to be going to the toilet a few times in the night.
Lots of slimming luck,



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:) Hi Lily
If you think they aren't too bad now you will be fine. I normally love everything I eat no matter what it is. There are very few things I don't like (unfortunately!) but when I had the Thai chilli soup and the Choc shake I really didn't like them. I have had them since and quite enjoyed them, so they do get better.
Try the Vanilla without the coffee but with lots of ice - it's delicious! Well done by the way for preparing yourself for the diet by cutting out the carbs. I didn't think of that. I'm on day 3 and feel a bit headachey.
Sorry tubby don't know how to make mousse. I think you just add less water a bit like a paste. I have seen loads of recepes somewhere on here but can't remember where. I think Icemoose did them. The list was quite impressive!


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Of course everyones tastes are different and it is trial and error to find which flavours you can drink. Good luck with your weight loss journey


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:) Well, what I do Lily is put the powder in a mug with a bit of cold water. Mix it to a paste and make sure there aren't any lumps left. Then pour boiling water in it bit by bit whilst stirring.
There may be a few little lumps in but better than great big globules! Yuk!


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best soup

Best soups come with the following:

1 saucepan
1 wooden spoon
1 soup sachet

Mix the satchet up in the pan with a little cold tap water to a smooth paste, then add more so it becomes runny, then add hot water stiring continuously. Pop pan on the heat & turn up until its all warm through (your not meant to let it boil as nutrients can be lost).
This method will deliver you PERFECT lump free soup, I can personally guarantee it :D :D :D, I have soup every day so trust me :cool:


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How do you turn the shakes into a mouse?


:D :D :D Have no idea, Dawn!!! They must be really something though if they can be turned into animals!!!! :D :D

If, however, you would prefer a "mousse" to a mouse, then you need to use Mix-a-Mousse which is an instant gelatine powder available from your CDC.

Good luck and enjoy your Mouse!!! :D

P.S: sorry if I sound facetious (sp??) but I couldn't resist the mouse thing!! Believe me, my intentions are honourable!!! :)


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Gotta say guys, the best method for mixing the soups/sweet drinks is a £5 Tesco value hand held blender.

Put the foodpack in a mug, fill with boiling water about halfway up - blend - then fill to the top and stir. I have no lumps whatsoever, and no froth.


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:)Yes you can also get a mini battery operated whisk from Ikea for £1. Haven't put batteries in it yet but it will be great to take when I'm out. Hope it works!