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WW & Kids...

Hi all!
My daughter is almost 10 and hovers around 6st 2, which for her height is a tad overweight. I try to make sure she eats healthily, but, it's hard to gage how much she should be eating (she's like me - always hungry lol). She's quite active - swims twice a week. and attends dance class once a week too, but on the other days she can be quite sedentary due to being at school etc etc. I noticed in the WW book that it says it's suitable for 10-16yr olds, and to ask the group leader how it effects your points - but I don't go to class so was wondering if anyone else knows? I don't want my daughter 'pointing' herself, but thought it would be a useful guide for me to help keep her weight the same as she grows taller so she's not overweight.
Thanks peeps xx
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i think kids portions according to the government should be about two thirds of an adults.
Hiya I wouldnt put her on ww as its going to make her feel a little stressed at 10.I have 3 daughter 5,10 and 14 and my eldest has had carried extra weight since 10,I just said to her cut out the junk and exercise more,she didnt and I was quiet strict to what she ate but they arent with us 24/7 are they so she at nearly 15 has gone on the ww plan herself with my guidence I only allowed her now as she is grown up comapred to 10.
I think maybe if you both do extra walking together eat simialr foods and still make sure she has teats etc it will work,even if you do do ww plan for her dont tell her as it then makes her feel probably embrassed you thought she needed too.
They are very sensitive and she is pre teenager and their bodies change
Hope this is of help


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah do it with out her knowledge..... thats what i do to my boyfriend! lol hes on WW and doesnt even realise!
no, I wouldn't be telling her... even though for her age she is extremely grown up - she's one of these kids that thinks she is right at everything, and much to my annoyance usually does, but her iq is way above average and oh boy she knows it! lol.
she's been doing a lot more exercise over the pass year, and has managed to stay the same weight and grow about 2 inches taller, so it's made a big difference... she doesn't look overweight as she is broad, and carries herself well as she is a dancer and a swimmer. It's more about just trying for her to eat healthily really and what I planned on doing was trying to maintain her weight, like over the past year, rather than lose weight... she will obviously continue to grow, and is about to join a swimming club, so the amount of swimming she will do will almost triple each week...

I have explained to her the risks of being overweight, we've been doing the 'fit for life' stuff what the government has been promoting, and she's even been lecturing her dad (he doesn't live with us, and has put on about 5 stone since moving out 3yrs ago, and about 7st in the last 6yrs) about the risks of being over weight as he is 5ft 8 and just under 20st, which as my daughter constantly reminds him is seriously detrimental to his health...

and, the thing i like about WW is that you can get treats without them being too naughty - yesterday we had a fab desert - chopped pineapple, 0pt jelly, low fat strawberry ice cream, all in a sundae glass topped with 2 baby meringues and a squirt or anchor low fat cream, and some sugar strands... they were amazing, and the kids asked if they can have them for desert next sunday too - and for only 3.5pts we most certainly will! lol


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah go for it, if she eats the same as you she will definitely maintain her weight if not lose a couple of pounds. dont know if u saw in the other thread but i have a recipe for 3.5pt curry you may want to try. X
yeah go for it, if she eats the same as you she will definitely maintain her weight if not lose a couple of pounds. dont know if u saw in the other thread but i have a recipe for 3.5pt curry you may want to try. X

ooh sorry to but in, but can I have the recipe please thanks :) x sound good :D


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
3.5pts refers to the use of quorn add 1.5 to the total for chicken.

  • 1/2 Tesco Combipack Chopped Tom With chilli 390g 0pts ( i checked ingredients, they're all free)
  • 75g quorn 1pt/ chicken breast 2.5pts
  • indian spices such as curry powder, fenugreek what ever flavour you like, i like madras because i like it hot. 0pts
  • 50g rice 2pts
  • two tablespoons of 0% fat free greek yoghurt. 0.5pts
  • vegies... any you fancy 0pts
  1. cook rice as per packet instructions
  2. chuck tomatos and spices in a pan sprayed with fry light and cook for a couple of minutes add the quorn and simmer for 7-9 minutes with a lid on.
  3. just before serving with the rice stir in the yoghurt into the sauce.
points with quorn:3.5 ,with one standard chicken breast 5pts

hope you like it, i looove it! XXX


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Dont shoot me but i really wouldnt talk to a 10 year old about being overweight and diets. It may set a trend of yoyo dieting when she's older, even if she is clever. The more she does on the days she doesnt have an activity the better. It doesnt mean going to another club, it means going for walks.
The healthy eating is a good idea though, obviously, i found loads of help in the Change for Life scheme. I just dont agree with WW for most kids.


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
Shaba i dont think shes going to tell her shes over weight or talk to her about it, just make sure she eats healthy in an attempt to either maintain her weight until she gets taller or maybe lose a few lbs with out knowing it...... thats what i understood from what she said anyway


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
Also because shes ten she'll be going into puberty soon and just before i went through puberty i put on about a stone which just came off by its self with in the year of starting. which is totally normal because girls gain a layer of fat at that time because their bodies are saying they're ready for pregnancy ( which ofcourse we dont want to happen it just happens to be part of nature that hasnt evolved).

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