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ww vs LT vs sureslim


a new way of living!
Hi everyone,

I found an old weight watchers wi card, and thought it would make an interesting comparison!

also found my sureslim card (i totally loved this diet, but had to stop cause of my jaw issue and can only have liqiuds at the mo) its expensive, but i'd reccommend it for anyone not wanting LT.

anyway... here goes!!

--------------------WW-------- SURESLIM -------LT

1st wi (lbs) ---------173-------- 171 ---------------175


WEEK 1 ------------2.5LB------ 2.64 LB ---------7.5 lb

WEEK 2 ------------1.5LB ------3.74LB ----------3LB

WEEK 3 -------------0.5LB ------0.66LB ---------3.5LB

WEEK 4 -------------+0.5LB -----3.74LB ---------3LB

WEEK 5 --------------0.05LB -----3LB ------------3LB

WEEK 6 TO BE CONTINUED!!!! I have 12 wks worth

i'm sure there will be a clear winner in the end ;)

I'll let you into a secret, i left ww exactly the same weight as when i started, 12 weeks later!!!

for sure slim, i did get lose 17lbs in total, but then holidays, xmas, birthdays etc messed me up! something i have to learn from and change in the future. the diet is good but quite strict, only water and black coffee again, no alcohol, 3 meals a day 5hr apart, very small portions. they take a blood test, and personalise a diet for you, this is how i found out about thyroid prob. but it is 400 quid for the program!!!

I was lighter about 4/5 years ago, so as soon as i get below 11 stone, it will be the lightest i have been in 4 years!! as soon as i get below 9st 12lbs, that will be the lightest i have been in six years!!!

and when i get to target, that will be my lightest for 11 years!!!

roll on slimdom.
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I put 7lbs ON when I did WW!!! But it was in the old days before you could have treats and I was only 18 at the time!!!!

Never heard of Sureslim before.

I'd put my money on LT! Go LT!!!



a new way of living!
yeah its far cheaper! i did lose on the other diet and may use it to help with maintenance when i am at target, it was good, but - expensive and does not break any addiction we may have.

thinking of food for past few days, dunno why...

off to walk the zeb :chores016:

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