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yet another 8 hour shift complete


Crawling to the finish!
i see no one replies, very well done, its a great achievement! I know I couldnt do it, keep it up, you will be slim in no time!! xx

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
your doing brilliant, keep at it, I couldn't do it either, I'd scoff the chips lol

and thanks for helping me with my choccy crave yesterday x
Thats fantastic tegzy! Fancy sharing some of that strong will with me? Mine seems to have gone tits up!

You'll be thin and dandy in no time!

(Still licking the salt? hehe)


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nopes, didnt lick salt or anything :) i was hungry yesterday but didnt even think about eating chips, just kept thinkin ooh im nearly in ketosis :)

i made a cup of mint tea and put it in my shaker in the freezer, to go icy cold, then to add a choc shake, took about 2 hours, but because i knew it was there and i was having my tea soon i didnt think about picking, and afterwards i felt full and still had a yummy taste in my mouth :)


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oooh well done chick!! now that is some willpower!!!!! especially in your first few days - the rest of your journey should be a doddle! good luck honey, not that you are going to need it! :)


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cheers guys, really helps coming on here and chattin about it, probably would have ate something if it wasnt for all of your tips :)


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Yup this forum is great - i practily live on here! lol


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same for me, and my sister is also doing LT, and even tho she lives 70 miles away we talk everyday and spur each other along


Positivity is the key
Hi Tegzy,
great you made it through another shift without eating anything you were not meant to. I see your first post was about 3 in the morning, do you find that a difficult time when you come home as the forum is probably very quiet then? But then again you probably just want to get your head down and at least you can post in the morning when us day people are up and about. Hope you continue to have a great first week, look forward to seeing the weigh in post.


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nope i find it alright, i work till 3am on fri and sat nights, so posting when i get home makes me feel proud! and i just read other peoples posts for inspiration, i havent been sleeping properly since starting LT but hopefully this will pass, people at work think im stupid and wont stick to it, im a really stubburn person, and just argue that it wouldnt be given if it was dangerous and ill show them, they all overweight them selves so they probably just jelous that im doing something about mine.


Here we go again!
I think you hit the nail on the head there Tegzy about the jealousy. When I had lost 5st one of my oldest mates just said you look good and said nothing else about my weight all night! Talk about the green eyed monster!

Well done on getting through another shift, you're doing so well on this like Tanya said the rest of your journey will be a piece of cake (sorry!).

Keep going cos you're doing really good and I bet your first weigh in will really spur on you.


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hoping so, just off to work again now, only 4 hours today tho, its usually quiet and i get bored and pick, just gonna take some green tea an peppermint tea with me to sup on :)


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ideal :)

if you feel like you want to pick, if you can stomach the "flapjacks" available to us you could open one of them, break them into little pieces and pick at them :) xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
A massive WELL DONE to you Tegzy....:p
You are on a roll and it will get so much easier as each day passes.
Your stubbornness will certainly take you places and prove those "green eyed monsters" that you can do it! They are probably secretly wishing they could do it.
Have a great week :)


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Well done you!!

You have amazing will power!

I sat in the car with my boys yesterday on the way back from a match as they ate lovely chips on the back seat. Good God the smelt yum and I couldnt open the windows as it was lashing outside..


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aww bless you Theresa, its hard smelling them all the time, but you just have to resist. my boyf cooked a bacon, egg, saussage and tommy sauce sandwich last night, my mouth was watering, could have ripped it from his hand and scoffed it, but just thought, whats the point, i can have one as a treat in the future, and it will taste so much better when im thin!
Well done tegzy that's some willpower, and it has already been said, but your colleagues are most definitely jealous. Keep up the great work and make them even more green eyed :D lol xxx


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yep yep, my manager introduced me to slimming world before xmas, but it was rubbish, too much temptation to eat things i shouldnt. she has been doing the diet for about 2 years!! but she was only ever at her biggest a size 14, shes gone down to a 10 and is now about a 12, so i think ill get the most stick (and jelousy) from her

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